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  • Formal Debate: The Earth is flat

    Beautifully done @SilverishGoldNova ; ..I love the "Here comes the sun" video, real good proof there.

    "The most undeniable proof, .. "   video, .. the quarter experiment angle of the camera to the flatness of the table seems off to me, do we have a better video of that?
    The other one is the sun getting smaller video, I never witnessed this?
    Other than that, what's there to debate? The Earth is flat, and we been lied to for all them years.
  • The Earth is flat 4.0

    Ampersand said:

    Again, no evidence in any of your posts. You don't seem to understand the basics of debating. Simply making baseless claims does not represent a valid argument. You can feel free to claim NASA is fake, but until you actually produce some evidence there's no reason for anyone to listen to you.

    You also still haven't misunderstood my point. I made an example of the use of mathematics and physics to make predictions which are observed and confirmed in the real world (e.g. the timing of solar eclipses). Nothing about that is computer generated image based and it follows the scientific basis of testing and confirming experiments.

    NASA is not "fake", .. I have never, or would never claim a German-organization like NASA that takes in 10 billion $ a month "fake"! It is real and the pain they cause to those whom they claim: "sub-human" by stealing all this money is very real too.
    What is fake is their claim, that the Disney and NASA created imaginary cartoons of space filled with planets where their spaceships make regular trips to is fake. No such place exists, and our world is not a ball twisting and twirling through these planets. NASA is as real as their LUNAR-LAND Real-estate agency is:

    In other words, should you buy some acreage on the moon, your deed would be as "real" as NASA's claim of the moon landing, Mars landing, their "newfound planets millions of light years away", and so on. These are not fake, .. they really do sell land on the moon, and soon on Mars too. Like selling oceanfront property here in the deserts of Arizona.

    Timing of solar eclipses were done way before the
    July 29, 1958, United States of Nazi-German Occupation, .. in other words; before NASA, before Disney.

    But explain this; why did NASA do all that heavy chem-trailing over populated cities on this last solar eclipse? Were they afraid that their mathematics and physics predictions may be questioned if we were allowed to see and video the eclipse? Boy, they had all their atmospheric-steamers, and HAARP going full blast on that day, .. why? What are they hiding?
  • New 'Star Trek' Series Makes Massive Science Blunder

    @CYDdharta, good insight re the tardis.
    agreed on cbs premium concerns.
  • Over population is not a problem.

    I thought the over-population scare went away in the 70's. 

    Population replacement level is 2.1.  This means that the population is decreasing in all of the blue areas.  The population in the green areas is stable to rising slowly.  World-wide, the fertility rate is 2.5 and the trend is downward, towards a reduction in the fertility rate. 

    The real problems arise when the fertility rate drops below the replacement rate for too long.  All advanced societies on the planet subsidize the elderly with those who are of working age.  As an example, you work, you pay social security.  Someone who is retired gets the money you put into social security.  The theory is that you'll eventually get money from the people who are working when you retire.  The more people that are working per retired person, the better.  When social security was originally set up, there were 41.9 workers to each retiree.  In 2010, that ratio was down to 2.9 workers per retiree, and still dropping.  If our population stops growing or starts to shrink for too long, social security, our tax system, healthcare, basically our entire economy, will collapse.
  • Atheism IS a Religion
    I know that Caroline Munroe exists, because she lives near me.

    Are you seriously saying that if I create an entirely fictional character then that character suddenly exists in reality, rather than just the concept of that character existing?
    Simple logic says that fictional characters exist as fictional characters. Batman is a fictional character, Batman exists.

    Ssshh, .. I'm having a conversation with a four year old:

    "But dad, how does Batman exist?"
    As a fictional character.
    "But daddy, is he real?"
    Yes, as a fictional character. All fictional characters exist as fictional characters. You can even dress up as Batman the fictional character, and now you are Batman (the fictional character!)

    "Daddy, do gods exist?"
    Yes son, many gods exist in this wicked world, and many theists worship them.
    "What are theists daddy?"
    They are those dummies who worship all these made up gods, and kill for them, even sacrifice their children to them.
    "What are atheists daddy?"
    They are even bigger dummies who deny the existence of all the thousands of gods that are obviously out there that the billions of people worship.

    "Do you believe in gods?"
    Yes son, I believe there are thousands of gods in the world, you can even buy them on eBay.
    "If you believe that there are tens of thousands of gods in the world, then are you a theist daddy?"
    No son, .. theists not only believe that there are these made up idol gods, but pick a few, or some even a bunch of these gods, and actually pretend that they are real, and pray to them as if they could grant them their wishes!? Besides long and repetitious prayers, they offer food and even their children to these god or gods.
    "So don't you believe in God daddy?"
    Yes son, I believe in God our One and Only Possible Creator!

    "Aren't any of the other theistic gods creators?"
    Yes, some of the Religion-created gods are creators, .. like Zeus, Joseph Smith, Eric Dubay who believes he is God, and there is Odin, and many others that you can read up on in Religious fairytales.
    "Why is your Creator God any different than those Religion-created gods who can also create?"
    Well son, because our Creator is Infinite and Eternal. You cannot see Infinite because He has no boarders, nor is He made up of His creation. He is the Creator of all that is created, including man, and their man-made gods.
    "Oh I understand it now daddy, my preschool teacher told us about Infinite, that it is borderless. So there is nothing to see in Infinite. But how can Infinite create finite things?"
    Wow son, you sure are smart for a 4 year old, good question; "how can Infinite God create finite things?" Well actually it is pretty easy to explain son, where even you can understand it;

    Now close your eyes. Got it? Now imagine your favorite toy, or create a toy from your imagination.
    "Got it daddy, I made a funny looking bunny with three ears, one for his tail too, .. he, he, he"
    There you go, that is about how our Infinite Creator does it. Only He is all Mind/Spirit, and what He imagines, it stays like that. Only He defines his creation in detail by rules and laws, and they stay in His mind, or in Him. All things are in God, for there can nothing exist outside of, or besides Infinite/God.
  • The Earth is flat 4.0

    @Ampersand said: Evidence, Surprisingly considering your name, you completely lack evidence. Every single point you raise is a completely baseless assumption.

    You mean like that NASA takes in an average of 10 Billion dollars a month, and have robbed us of trillions of dollars since it's German-Nazi conception, and offers us CGI and artist rendered images of planets created by sci-fi writers in comic books? Like Krypton, Tatooine, Kolob, etc.

    Take a look at this "evidence" of new planets that NASA has found,

    and tell me ONE thing, .. just ONE thing that is real, or actually taken by Kepler (that's hanging on a balloon somewhere high above our clouds)!? Where is the actual photos of these planets?

    Ampersand - You accuse NASA of doctoring evidence but offer no proof for why this claim should be believed. You accuse scientists of making up gibberish that isn't real but offer no proof why your claim should be believed.

    NASA is not "doctoring evidence", they give us all made up artist rendered images of Superman, Star-Trek, Star Wars sci-fi planets and systems. This is not a claim, but FACT. Anyone can see the evidence by looking at the pictures, and listening to the bull poop sci-fi stories.
    And they are NOT 'scientists', but science fiction writers that Gone Wild, to where they really start believing the bull crap that they been feeding us just like Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, Joseph Smith Jr. and the rest of the suicidal maniacs that have gone to their imaginary places and sky-daddies.

    Ampersand - You also don't answer the points I make. The only reason we would expect compasses to point up towards the sun is because you say so, which isn't a valid reason. It makes sense to you personally that this happens despite you having given no rationale beyond "Well the sun is big and a completely different force acts in a certain way under in completely different ways in different situations".

    Just answer my questions or reply to my comments like I do to yours, stop avoiding the issues. I gave you clear instructions that come straight from Sci-Fi Journals and records made by NASA. If the sun can keep the farthest planets in orbit, then it's magnetic North should be easily detected by a compass on the ISS. Show me where they have checked this out, instead of them always doing backflips and talking and singing to kindergartners in schools.

    Ampersand - That is not a solid rationale as you are comparing electromagnetic radiation to gravity and needles to planets. If you make it even a bit less absurd (say just change the force involved and keep the object the same) then needles point towards Earth's magnetic field and they drop towards Earth's gravity which is a consistent result of needles being effected by the earth over the sun in both cases. But no, apparently we have to base the way needles react on how planets move for no reason other than you have randomly said so with no evidence.

    I have shown you what your Sci-Fientists claim the size of your sun to be. If it can hold the farthest planets in your solar system in its orbit, then its magnetic north could make the needle of a compass on your ISS point to it. But, I guess people will just pay the billions of $$$ to see these permed jokers do back flips, and no real experiments EVER.

    Ampersand - Why is it reasonable for me to answer your questions rather than rejecting the premise of your questions when they are utterly unsupported? You need to back up your claims.

    Like Erfisflat, I'm pointing out flat out lies claimed as real. What more do you need? The JW's make up pictures of a future earth where JW children lay down with lions, Mormons are working hard to go to the Planet Kolob, Marshal Applewhite and his space crew went on Hale-Bopp, so you believe that? Do I have to show evidence that all that is BS when it is them that should show us some evidence that it's real besides fantastic stories with paintings?

    Ampersand - Also are you trying to joke with that last paragraph about bottling space-time fabric and black holes or are you actually serious?

    No, I'm dead serious.

    Look, we take samples from deep in the earth, from deep in the oceans, from deep in snow, from the supposed moon landing, from Mars, ..  so why don't we have samples of deep space?

    Wouldn't you like to see just what type of vacuum space is, since we cannot create such vacuum here in a chamber? Besides, who knows what you may have captured in that bottle, since Commandant Higgs said "bosons are everywhere in space", .. heck, you may have a few dozen in the bottle! And you know what priceless importance that would be for 666CERN don't you? Here they are working 24/7 spending billions and billions of dollars trying to create a Big-Bang to open a door to a parallel universe in the LHC, and right there in the bottle could be the "key" to creation, some  of Commandant Higgs "bosons". Not to mention a "black hole", which could provide a "way in" to that new parallel universe in way of a 'wormhole'! All the ISS scientists would have to do is take a sample of deep Spacetime and fabric.
  • The earth is flat

    Coveny said:
    Erfisflat said:
    Coveny said:
    Erfisflat said:
    Coveny said:
    Erfisflat said:
    Coveny said:
    Erfisflat said:
    As far as the pythagorean theorem I don't really care, but a quick google search says it's roughly 8 inches per mile, or 80 inches for 10 miles. And no I don't "know" my own model, nor do I really care to, this topic isn't that interesting to me. 
    That sounds like me.
    Several hundred posts later, you're still here.
    Yes because even though I don't like the topic, I am a big fan of defending science from the anti-science and religious movements in America. 
    You're doing a fine job there, in both fields. Keep up the good work, I'm sure your mom is very proud. In all seriousness, this is the last generation that has fallen for the heliocentrism lie, do you have anything to say to those coming generations of flat earthers? 
    Coming generation? The flat earth model has been around for 1,000s of years it can't "come back" because it hasn't left yet, and I doubt it will so long as yahweh continues to have such a strong following and people want to believe that stupid book over reality.
    The flat earth theory went extinct so to speak, for 500 years. You don't have anything inspiring to say, as one of the last globetards? Really the whole "yahweh" strawman is kinda played out by now dont you think?
    You need to talk to you flat earther buddies you seem ill informed. 1887 and they are still arguing over your aether stuff that's from Greek times.

    But if for some reason science was ignored even more than it is today and we continued down the path to idiocracy, I don't think there would be a point to making an inspiring statement. People like you don't listen to reason, and don't change their minds. I'm not in this debate to change your mind, or Silvers, or any of the other flat earthers. I'm here so you don't have an opposed venue to spread your religious and anti-science propaganda. A voice of reason in a storm of as you will. 
    If anything, you're assisting us with your fallacious arguments and asinine and contradicting statements. Sort of like taking candy from a baby, you know? We all see, when you are left to your own devices (start thinking for yourself), what ridiculous notions pop into your head. 
  • The earth is flat

    @Coveny Woah woah woah woah, how are me, Evidence, Erfisflat and Silver stupid when you can't even use proper grammar? You first need to learn like actual English, you know, did you not learn basic grammar skills ever? Yeah just try that instead of using google translate and we'll all be happy.
  • The earth is flat

    Erfisflat said:
    DUDE! I'll bet he doesn't know what a t-roll is! He thinks we're trying to say that he lives under a bridge!

    T-roll isn't a direct insult. It's a means of identifying a person who, quite lierally, adds nothing to the conversation but idiocy. Troll

    An internet t-roll is someone who writes deliberately abusive or idiotic comments with the hopes of getting attention from peoples reactions. And yeah, judging from the fact he thinks we're saying he lives under a bridge, maybe he's just (and I apologize in advance) vacuous .
  • The earth is flat

    Coveny said:
    Evidence said:
    @Coveny said:  Your proof is "god told me" yet you ridicule people who trust science over blind faith. (such as what you have for your uncreated creator)

    If there were proof for the flat earth I would help you, but there are MOUNTAINS of evidence against the flat earth and the book desert dwellers created thousands of years ago who didn't know anything. I make no excuses, and yes I will continue to click fallacy. Those don't get deleted like my posts do.

    God told me?
    OK Coveny, show me one, .. that's right just ONE thing from the MOUNTAINS of scientific evidence against the flat Earth, .. just ONE, .. without referring to:  "Einstein told me, the 70's answering machine named Stephen Hawking's told me, Lawrence Krauss told me, the Priest George Lemaitre told me, Maxwell, Hubble, the 'Perm' , the back flipping astronaut from the ISS told me etc." .. and remember it has to be scientific evidence against the flat Earth!

    Let's hear it?

    Wait, .. whose deleting Coveny's posts?
    Yes god told you, or do you now recant, and say that you believe what is written in the bible to be the inventions of man?

    Flights times over antarctica only work if the world is a globe (or prove that only those commercial flights are going mach 2)
    The line that goes from the north to south pole only works on a globe (or prove how the circle of light creates a line from the north to south poles)
    The height of the sun in the sky only works on a globe (or you'll need to explain how it is that it doubles the speed of its circle rotation in winter, and cuts it in half in summer with such precision)
    We can't see the back of the moon (or eclipses)
    The stars are flipped in the other hemisphere (and don't tell me it's because of perspective magic)

    I was just about to say the same thing, "Look @Erfisflat explained all of these straw-men to you, it's not his fault you can't understand simple concepts like perspective and refraction." Yes, every one of those points he explained more then enough times.

    "God told me"?
    You still don't answer my questions from my post:Einstein told me, the 70's answering machine named Stephen Hawking's told me, Lawrence Krauss told me, the Priest George Lemaitre told me, Maxwell, Hubble, 'Perm'  the back flipping astronaut from the ISS told me etc." 

    Tell me what's the difference between this, or what "God told me"?


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