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  • Barack Obama steps back into public spotlight: 'So what's been going on?'

    Well, sounds like ex President, ''inertia'' Obama ( the ''ex'' has a lovely ring to it) is doing what he's best at, talking.
    The great orator will always have an admiring audience of those who cannot distinguish between ''talkers'' and ''doers''. 
    The smooth oily tones of Obama delivering one of his well rehearsed speeches will have the easily led naive students agape in awe at the meaningless rhetoric of a  narcissist who 'sleepwalked, and hypnotically talked'' Americans into the series of crises which President is now courageously addressing.
    While Rome burned Nero fiddled, and while America was being overrun by illegal immigrants, scoffed at by our enemies and taken advantage of by our so called trading partners, Obama gave ego boosting speeches. 
    Obama got a free ride on the back of the greatness of the American nation, but the time has come to pick up the pieces of his disastrous tenure and face the music.

  • My undocumented friend: Carlos does the work few in Vermont want to do

    @knekk_3029 ; The reply button is very misleading, I think you meant to agree with another debater lol.  But to respond to @knekk_3029, I'm not sure how anyone can verify that an illegal immigrant is contributing to our society.  How does one measure the contributions of an illegal immigrant?  Some might say "Well he pays taxes" to which I would reply "With what Social Security Number"?  If you don't have an SSN or Tax ID number then you simply cannot have taxes deducted from your wages and therefor cannot contribute to income Tax or Social Security Tax.  Likewise if Carlos is performing a job in the U.S. as an undocumented worker...then his employer isn't required to give him fair pay, benefits, time off...ect.  So what's to stop his employer (Who's apparently ok with using illegal labor) from out-selling his competition due to his abnormally low worker expenses?  If two Dairy Farms operate in the same country and sell their products nationwide...but one of those Dairy Farms uses cheap and illegal labor, who's going to be able to sell products at a lower rate and therefor out-perform their competition?  While this problem is the fault of Carlos per say (The employer should be charged) the existence of this labor force is still and undeniable issue and IS NOT a good thing for our Economy.
  • My undocumented friend: Carlos does the work few in Vermont want to do

    Maybe we should let Carlos stay...and by doing so we would send the message to the millions of people who are going about the "Legal" way of gaining citizenship that their efforts to do the right thing to get into the U.S. are great and all...but we're going to give shortcuts to those who chose to break the law and skip the line.  Imagine you and your wife can't have children so you begin going through the adoption process, 12 months later you're still waiting for your approval to adopt and meanwhile your neighbor decides to just steal a child.  Then you find out the Government decided to give your neighbor a break because he's had the child for so long that it would be just too inhumane to remove the child from him...and you're still stuck waiting for your approval...this is essentially the message we'd be sending to all the people that respect our laws: "Respect our laws regarding immigration and you'll be passed up by everyone else who didn't respect our laws...they'll be given preference while you have to wait the full period for citizenship and you STILL might be turned down".  This is also called "Wrong" where I come from.
  • PWC Age discrimination

    @inc4t.Yes, but the point is that when company owners are forced to employ people on any criteria other than merit and/or against their better judgement then the laws which place the employer into a legal position of having to make decisions based on social considerations rather than for hard headed business reasons then those laws are wholly wrong and self defeating.
    Self defeating because they place the future of the entire company and it's total workforce, young and old, in jeopardy.
    Please consider this. 
    I ran my own company for 26 years employing over 30 full time members of staff.
    I always prioritised job applicants on their attitudinal abilities over their formal qualifications. 
    My secretary, who worked for me for 22 of those 26 years may not have been as well academically qualified as some of the other applicants for the position but I recognised in her the attributes such as loyalty, honesty, a willingness  to learn and help her colleagues that I wanted and just knew she was the perfect person for the job.
    These qualities combined with her naturally pleasant personality and customer relations abilities made her the perfect choice.
    On paper she should have been about 4th or 5th in order of preference and by choosing her I left myself open for prosecution.
    In reality she was the best possible choice and I knew that.
    The same scenario went for my foreman whose literacy and numeracy skills were almost non existent.
    But, he could do the work of three men and was always there, day or night when needed in times of crisis, i.e truck,plant or machinery breakdowns and would have worked all night to avoid such events becoming a disaster. 
    had I been forced by legislation to employ people because on paper they ticked more of the right boxes then I know absolutely that my company would not have run so smoothly nor been so successful. 

  • Space Race - Jeff Bezos vs Elon Musk

    Both are geniuses of our time, but who will be more successful with a race to space?
  • Is India likely be a World leader in the next 20 years?

    Currently USA dominates World influence together witha few European nations.  India has been transforming itself and quickly becoming a serious World player.  Is it realistic that 20 years from now, India can overtake the United States Dominance and become a world leader?
  • Do you think Donald Trump will change USA for the better?

    I think he already has, especially considering what the alternative was.  Further, I think he's already done the country a service by showing how unreasonable the opposition is and how far the mainstream media will go to promote one side over the other.
  • Do you think Donald Trump will change USA for the better?

    the country and the World is polarized around this topic, with many taking extreme positions. 
  • Sorry, Trump, but America‚Äôs economy is already pretty great

  • Will Trump Increase American Jobs?

    do you think that Trump will increase American jobs?

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