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  • Should we celebrate Thanksgiving?

    Who is this "we".  I'm not a Pilgrim.  I don't even know any Pilgrims.  From what I know of history though, the Pilgrims didn't exterminate anyone.  In fact, they formed a defensive alliance with the Wampanoags, lest the Wampanoags be overrun by the rival and more powerful Pequot and Narragansett tribes.  Referring to "native Americans" is erroneous; it would be like referring to "Europeans".  The only thing they have in common is geography.  But the experience of the French is not that of the Spanish or the Germans or the Italians.  Likewise, the experience of each tribe of native Americans is different, and hostilities among them were common.

  • Hate Speech is not Free Speech

    The concept of free speech, means that all types of expressions and opinions should be allowed without any repercussion from the government. It is important to note that things like shouting fire in a crowded theater, liable, or slander are not protected under the concept of free speech, as these uses of speech do not express an opinion, which is completely what free speech is about.

    Hate speech ought to be protected under the first amendment, As repulsive and disgusting certain speech can be, it is important we do not leave it up to big brother to decide what is acceptable and what is not. Currently in Europe and Canada, they do not have a right to free speech, which has already lead to negative outcomes.

    For example Europe has two main regulations on speech, which are countering the spreading of terrorism, and protection of minorities from hatred or potential hate crimes. On the surface, most people would probably say this sounds alright, however when put in practice, it is shown to often infringe on the right of citizens to express themselves. Recently in Spain a two man puppet group have been indited on charges of "glorifying terrorism", due to them performing a puppet show, featuring a landlord, a witch and a squatter, which theme in small part satirically revolved around terrorism. The reason these specific pieces of legislation are being passed, result from fear of recent terrorist attacks in Europe, however this is exactly what the terrorist want. It is only in a jihadists best interests, that foreign governments try to suppress any material, content, or speech, that even slightly resembles Islam. These laws are recruiting gold for groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. 

  • Should Donald Trump be Impeached?

    Personally, I would say no, but here are some possible structure points for an open debate:

    (Affirmative) Want Trump to be impeached: Use Russia ties, Puerto Rico crisis, Twitter Posts: etc. 
    (Negative) Don't want Trump impeached: Defend 1st amendment rights, declare lack of evidence, state Trump's pros, etc.

    Please be kind and considerate, and I will be making posts as well to keep the argument moving. Thanks for your time!
  • Is Trump’s endorsement good?

    Do you believe that Trump’s endorsement is good? He may be controversial.
  • What is the best alternative power to fossil fuels?

    I was thinking when fossil fuels run out or the ante global warming people go on a destroy fossil fuel power plant rage what is the best power source to turn to?
  • We should continue to explore space

    First all of those who believe non of this is real that would be a different debate (Is space real or not) so please don't except this debate. Thanks! I am for investing in space exploration. If you except you would be for investing in space exploration less then we do now. : )
  • Does all debate have to be restricted by controversy?

    In this debate, you can argue for or against debate being restricted by controversy. If you choose Pro, you will argue that most debate can be harmful to discuss without harming or restricting the person stating the debate topic, ie. Jim Crow in the 1950's. If you choose Con, you will be arguing that no matter how controversial an issue is, the public has a right to be informed regardless what happens as a result of the topic mentioned. Any middle ground arguments can be negotiated in the comments. Thanks, and good luck!
  • Should we used local agriculture for school lunches

    Yes we should because the following reason

    1)Locally sourced agriculture boosts local business

    2)Industrial agriculture causes many environmental problems

    3)Congress would be in a favor of getting rid of democratic ideas

    4)Locally sourced agriculture is a lot better than industrial agriculture
  • Over population is not of critical problem.

  • Will Trump be less nationalist?

    Trump is currently some what nationalist and has an “America First” agenda. I believe that Trump may be less nationalist. This is due to him possibly going to more international events and possibly meeting more foreign leaders. This may also be due to him learning more about foreign agendas and other countries.

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