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  • Do you think Donald Trump will change USA for the better?

    I think he already has, especially considering what the alternative was.  Further, I think he's already done the country a service by showing how unreasonable the opposition is and how far the mainstream media will go to promote one side over the other.
  • Is Trump Inauguration going to divide or unite the country

    We are already seeing that the blurry lines are now becoming much more clear. Trump is taking decisive actions with his executive orders, and people are finding themselves on either one side or the other. With these types of decisive proclamations, It is difficult not to have have an opinion what side you are on. So there will be lots of unity for those who support his philosophy, but all others will likely be further united together against him. There will be two strong camps.
  • Is Trump Going To Be A Good President For Everyone?

    I don't think Trump should become more politically correct. He was elected for having original ideas which were controversial when compared to mainstream politics. Politicians should be honest to the people. They should address controversial topics. Being politically correct would stop Trump from doing this. What do you think?

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