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  • The earth is flat

    Coveny said:
    @Coveny not to mention you cut out part of the statement. Pictures from space have already been proved as fake, via NASA's own admission. No edge? Agreed, that's because no flat Earther today believes there is an edge you can fall off, except for shill organizations like TFES... Maps wrong? Yeah, no map is 100% accurate. You haven't debunked the flat Earth by claiming that a few distances are wrong on a Map
    No NASA did not say the pictures were fake. Strawman fallacy. NASA said they took real photos, put them together, and enhanced them

    The edge is infinite... but you can fly over it in 12 hours too, but hey they fly at mach 2 over antarctica. (because that's the only way a commercial plane could make YOUR distance in that time)

    No map is 100% accurate - nirvana fallacy. They will never be 100% but they are plenty good to prove you are full of sh**. 

    I have debunked flat earth so many ways and so many times, but you guys still just keep saying perspection/reflection magic, or I can't explain that don't talk about it or it's a fallacy!

    Take your anti-science, anti-intellectual bulls*** and keep it to yourself, or I will continue to make you look like the fools you are.

  • The earth is flat

    @Coveny "2015" It's not 2015 lol. Did you look up anti-flat Earth memes and that was the only thing you found?
    I should have gotten something from like BC. (there were even people back then that knew the earth was flat)

    I like this meme too:

  • The earth is flat

    Erfisflat said:

  • The earth is flat

  • The earth is flat



    1) Where’s the edge?

    1a - Who says there is one?

    1b - MAYBE it’s really big or infinite. (It’s “logical” to assume the extra land is being hidden)

    1c - Proof from 1954 interview.

    1d - Proof 1907 map.


    2) Where does the sun go if the earth is flat?

    2a – clockwise east to west – never rises or sets – perspective magic

    2b – It’s closer so it doesn’t illuminate the whole planet


    3) What’s underneath the flat earth?

    3a – OBVIOUSLY can’t be answered

    3b – Many religions support a flat earth

    3c – We don’t know

    3d – Focus on military base in the earth… research that!


    4) What about ships and boats disappearing over the horizon?

    4a - Perspective magic – just need a zoom lens (shows a bunch of boats with the bottoms below the level of the waves)

    4b – No curve at 120k feet


    5) What about all the pictures of the earth?

    5a – CLEARLY computer generated images


    6) Why are all the other planets round?

    6a – Clear they are all computer generated images as well

    6b – Actually planets are round lights

    6c – Logical to assume this is a flat plane and everything revolves around us


    Ok stopped there couldn’t take the bulls*** anymore. So lets have a look #1 is we don’t know, #2 is it not as bright as you think it is and fades away, #3 is we don’t know, #4 yes the bottom of the boats are gone, but  but but perspective magic, #5 no rebuttal just dismissed it, #6 dismissed again they are colorful and in some cases oddly shaped lights. But it’s “logical” to assume the people 100+ years ago understood the universe better, and we are the f****** center of it! (no ego has nothing to do with it… it’s logic!) Dude it's got SO many holes, and is SO much BS based on 100s if not 1,000s of years ago. Wake up already you aren't impressing anyone with an speck of critical thinking.

  • The earth is flat

    @Coveny If the biggest argument you can find against the flat Earth is a joke I made about your statement and to dismiss the arguments as absurd I think you should have directed your words at yourself. The first statement was after the second, You're basically just trying to say I know nothing, even tho I have actually taken the time to research flat Earth. Why am I even responding to you, this is just getting pathetic.
    The biggest argument I have against flat earth is that we have pictures and people who have been in space who have seen it. After that I have several points that are impossible on the flat earth model. Pulling up last are all the holes in the flat earth design. (no edge, maps wrong, can't use anything we don't agree with, it's a global conspiracy, etc)
  • The earth is flat

    Erfisflat said:
    Erfisflat said:
    It's the supposed southern polar flights that I'm skeptical of.

    Even if all this happened,  it doesn't prove curvature, it just proves the map is wrong. When you've measured the lack of curvature that must be there, you then can KNOW that water is flat, that's where the real argument is, and that's where the flat earth beats everytime. Do the experiment and see for yourself.
    Supposed fights? There are flights from SYD to SCL that are 13 hours. 

    You can do your own search and find them. So now the map is wrong because you are wrong. Your one of those people who believes it's everyone's fault but yours. You are correct while everyone and everything else is wrong but you. To say your critical thinking is bad is an understatement.

  • The earth is flat

    we all know what you meant by "you know nothing".
    If you know what I meant then why did you keep asking:
    @Coveny Nothing about what tho? 
    Ah the lies. 
  • The earth is flat

    @Coveny Ah, I have a different argument so I must be a dumbass who doesn't speak English. Makes sense. 
    You have the same argument... the earth is flat. (please stay focused) You are a dumbass who doesn't speak english because you can't figure out what "you know nothing." means.
  • The earth is flat

    @Coveny About?
    Go talk to someone who understands English and get them to explain the sentence to you.

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