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  • Evolution?


    Anyone with $50  can measure the earth! I'm not even telling you to take my word on it! Be your own scientist! Do you know how much water should curve away at 10 miles distance?  
  • Evolution?


    "and now when I give you a list with authentic fossils"

    Are you positive? Because the first two on your list are "Lucy" and her Australopithecus buddy, both refuted just a few posts ago. This gives me some insight to your fast-paced research. You are a follower. You were taught what to think, not how to think. 

    I'm working on a rebuttal to your copy/paste list, most of the information is in my previous post. 

    You'll also find each of your spherical earth proofs adequately refuted in my "the earth is flat" debate. If you're suggesting that I revisit these claims, I'll have to respectfully decline and defer you to that debate on the grounds that, while flat earth takes a steamy dump on evolution and big bangism, it is ultimately off topic in an evolution debate. 
  • Evolution?


    Your first post made absolutely no sense. How do system engineers creating robots like asimo prove god? 

    For the second part, all of human races evolved from one species called homo habilis. Homo habilis evolved from austrolopithecus genus which evolved from a common anscetor to all primates (orangutan, gorillas, apes, chimpanzees, humans).

    We look like we fit our environment because we evolved to fit our environment. Our environment is not fine tuned for us, we are fine tuned for our environment because we evolved to fit our environment and our niche.

    We are complex because complexity of living things evolved overtime too. From simple unicellular life that form multicellular colonies to very simple life forms to jawless fish to more complex fish to amphibians to reptiles to mammals, each step is more and more complex.
  • Communism vs Capitalism [I already know the answer trust me]

    Communism doesn't work, though. I mean, we've tried it for a century and it started, continued, and ended with the killing of its own citizens. 
  • Should Land belong to Palestine or Israel?

    That land has been Israeli for thousands of years. It has always been the Jewish homeland, and was formally recognized as such by the US and UN in the 1940s-50s thanks to President Truman. But the land they gained was never respected by any of the surrounding countries, including Palestine. Palestine will stop at nothing to completely get rid of a Jewish state, no matter how legal it is. Israel has been constantly battered by Egypt and other middle eastern nations, but the way they have defended themselves successfully every time shows their resilience and why they deserve that land.
  • Why does it matter what marriage is called?

    I have the belief of anyone being able to get married as long as they are happy. There is no point to rename it into a civil union.
  • How many of those who claim themselves to be christians read the bible?

    @melanielust Oooo you track me down wherever I go. That's kinda creepy and very disturbing. But not as mentally disturbing nor as deranged as your shotgun messiah god. I mean are you some kind of pre-vert psychopath that in serious love with me or something? I mean I know I'm irresistible. But you are really far too paltry and inadequate for me. I'm way above you. Why? Hey, I can provide some actual..................................... evidence. So until you can do that on your end and prove that your god actually exists, then you are but a powder puff on a meatball sandwich. And you keep on asking for it. Ta ta. 
  • How many of those who claim themselves to be christians read the bible?

    @CYDdharta Oh it absolutely does matter especially when the bible says to stone those to death who are gays, when the bible says punishment is death for those who do not worship the sabbath, when the bible states those are to be stoned to death for worshiping other god's and trying to lead astray god's worshipers, when god loves raped women, when the bible freely states that slavery is perfectly OK, when there are countless genocides committed by this god guy, when god murders 2,821,364 in his bible which most assuredly would have had to have included babies and children and pregnant women thus the first abortions which christians are so against which is a blatant contradiction one of thousands in the bible, when god hates children, when god loves raped women, when god freely admits that he is evil, gets angry, has wrath, has vengeance, has rage, has fury, has jealousy of all things in which no supreme deity ever would. etc etc etc. Of course it matters. god is NOT all this goodie two shoe French fries waffle iron knee crunch breakfast cereal that those who claim to be christians (who really are not because of there is even the slightest hint or doubt in their beliefs in god, then they are an atheist) who do not read their bible's. 
  • Is Solipsism Disprovable?

    It's a great theory! 

    Their are theories that the human brain imagines everything. The brain tells the eyes what to see potentially according to some theories. This theory could be simialar and say that everybody is a figment of your imagination.
  • Feminism, Misandrists and Equality

    @eric_the_warlord , good point!

    Although, I must respectfully disagree. Feminism is the fight for female superiority. Misandrists, are a more conservative version of this.

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