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  • Is The earth flat?

    First off, seasons can work out just fine on a flat Earth. Here are a few examples

    Secondly, the Corolis effect actually proves a flat Earth. Here is a long explanation. 

    Thirdly, Eclipses can be very easily explained. Many flat Earthers believe there is an almost always invisible object in a circuit along with the sun and moon called Rahu.

    Fourthly, need another video? 

    Fifth, the obvious explanation is the sun is not only smaller and closer than told, but also much cooler in temperature.

    Sixth, heres one last video to explain gravity. 

    Drop a microphone, it falls because it's more dense than the air. If you drop a balloon, it rises because the helium is less dense. Do you get it?


    First off, many images and videos allegedly pertaining to show curvature have been proven to simply be fish eye lenses. I am yet to see a legitamate attempta t debunking the 3 I showed.

    Secondly (credit to Erfisflat) My opponent disagrees with the assertion that this is a mirage, but instead asserts that the skyline is raised back into view over the curvature over 1,000 feet, due to refraction of some sort. This has never been observed, so it is a speculative assertion. As a matter of fact, the simple act of filling a glass with water and placing an object behind it to produce said optical refraction shows that just the opposite happens, and the object appears lower and larger than it's true position. This experiment is one that can be done by anyone anywhere at anytime. Since there are tons of water in the atmosphere at any time, in the form of a gas, it is apparent that refraction is happening, which is why we can't see the bottom portion of the skyline, simply because it is magnified and dropped from it's apparent position. The details can be explained and further demonstrated by Rob Skiba on Youtube, (the video is titled atmospheric lensing) one of the many flat earth proponents. With this, I give the floor to con, so that he can give us a somewhat more believable excuse as to why we can see further than we should than the meteorologist.

    Third, my opponent believes these flights do not occur due to windspeed. Are winds like this happening year round?

    Fourth, I already addressed that, theres no point in repeating.

  • Andreas should be banned

  • Earth is a ball

    I've got the flat-earthers on mute because even starting with the argument that the earth is flat against all of science is a sign of bad faith arguments. Don't waste your time.
  • Abortion should be illegal

    BaconToes said:
    Although all cells are indeed human, the fetus is dependent on the mother so the mother should have the choice whether or not to abort the baby.

    Pogue said:
    A "right to life" is a right to not have somebody else's will imposed upon your body. Do women not have this right as well? The "right to life" also doesn't imply a right to live by threatening somebody else's life. Bearing children is always a threat the life of the mother. A "right to life" doesn't imply a right to use someone else's body to sustain a life. Women do not have a "responsibility" to have children, and certainly, don't assume such a responsibility by virtue of deciding to have sex. Adoption still requires women to carry a baby to term and then give birth, both of which are also inherently dangerous.Abortions are safe. Banning abortion violates a woman's right to control her own body.

    @Pogue ;
    If the mother takes up the responsibility, then it is her job to take care of the fetus. I support abortion before 24 weeks, and that is plenty of time to get an abortion. Unless in a special case, for example if the mother or the baby dies, the mother should take care of the baby. 

    If I take up the job as a nurse, and I accept to take care of a patient who is on the verge of death, then I have taken up the responsibility. I should be sued if I decide not to do my job in the middle of taking care of the patient, and the patient ends up dying. 

    My argument is that if the mother doesn't do an abortion before 24 weeks then she has taken full responsibility. 
  • Sandy Hook was a false flag attack

    My Position: Nobody died at Sandy Hook. Instead, like Paris, Orlando, and Las Vegas, it was a false flag attack perpetrated to push for gun control.

    Official documents show the alleged shooter died the day before the shooting.


    Sandy Hook relief fund posted days before the shooting 

  • The eclipse debunks the globe/heliocentric model of the universe.

    Erfisflat said:
    "This portion of it that you bring up now is easy to understand. The moon moves west. The shadow moves west. What's the issue?"

    The shadow, once again, moved from the northwest to the southeast in the eclipse. What's YOUR issue?

    "Also if you don't like that one, there's also the earth's magnetic field; the explanation for which doesn't make sense in a stationary earth as it assumes a spherical earth with a molten core of metal which is moving and generating this magnetic field."

    There are also magnets with a pole in the center and one a ring around it.

    Oh and they took down the ae map I just figured out( wonder why?). No biggie, it has been recorded.

  • Formal Debate: The Earth is flat

    So DebateIsland recently released a new platform of debating called "Formal-ish". I will be arguing that the Earth is flat. This debate will be available for contenders for a day. @Erfisflat @Evidence

    Please don't join if your name begins with "Han-" or "Cove--", (and for the latter, we both know you only care about denying theism) because I know you're both trolls

    Opening Arguments:

    I will now state my opening arguments.

    Argument 1. NASA admitting to faking images, debunking the "independent alternatives"

    A common "proof" for a globe that I see is "NASA images". For the Earth to be flat, obviously, NASA images have to be faked. And NASA images have been debunked in many ways. 

    Image result for NASA images make up your mind

    Notice here the major discrepancy? We notice the continents shrinking, growing, changing color, etc.

    And copied and pasted clouds

    Image result for you live on a cgi digital painting

    We also have NASA directly admitting to faking images. Read my debate here:

    Now, if the Earth were TRUELY spherical, why would NASA need to fake these images?

    I have noticed that whenever globe-Earthers are called out for NASA images, they always turn to the "Independent alternatives" red herring, usually pointing out stuff like the 2012 red bull freefall or, far, FAR more commonly, "curvature" from airplanes As for red bull, I've already debunked that before. 

    Image result for Curved glass artificially curves straight lines The explanation for airplane curvature is that curved glass can artifically curve straight lines, similar to a fish eye lense 
    Related image

    Argument 2. The Chicago Skyline

    (Credit to @Erfisflat

    One of the most compelling arguments that convinced me into a flat Earth was @Erfisflat 's Chicago skyline argument.

    According to the globe model, this should be impossible and Chicago should instead disappear over the horizon but this is not the case. The common explanation is that this is just a mirage, but if you have actually seen a mirage you will know this is not true.

    Image result for inferior mirage vs superior mirage

    3. No evidence of curvature.

    We are widely told we can see curvature at 35,000 feet. However..

    Lets first look at this video, which shows flatness from 34,000 to 38,000 feet:

    (It is claimed we can see curvature at around this height, specifically at 35,000 feet, but yet we see none).

    No curvature at 121,000 feet:

    No Curvature at 317,000 feet:

    As already mentioned it is claimed we can see curvature around 35,000 feet, but we see none at 38,000, 121,000, or 317,000 feet.

    4. Flight patterns

    There are many flight patterns that make no sense on a sphere, but they do on a flat earth. First off lets look at antarctica. As we know, these routes do not exist: 

    We are told that we do not go on these routes because it is too cold, and that the planes instruments would freeze, but we are also told that we have gone to places much more frigid than anything expirenced on Earth. So, why shouldn't planes be able to take shorter routes over Antarctica? The "explanation" about planes instruments freezing is more of an excuse than an explanation.

    Then look at this. On a ball earth, during a flight to Johannesburg to Perth, it should be a straight shot over the ocean and we should be able to land for refueling in Mauritus or Madagascar. But instead, most flights will stop in Dubai, Hong Kong, or Malaysia. It should also be a straight shot over the atlantic to go to Johannesburg to Sao Paulo, but many flights instead make a re-feuling in London, which would be impossible on a spherical Earth. 

    5. Proving the Geocentric sun.

    While I understand this does step away from the flat Earth a bit, I am including this here to stop the flood of "tim zoncs"

    If you have any responses to this, please post it here. If you give up on the globe, post that here.

    6. Extras

    (the latter gives other proofs of a flat earth)
  • StarTrek will not be the same without Gene Roddenberry

    There have been other decent Star Trek series, but they were written by people who grew up with Gene Roddenberry's original work and were inspired by it.  If it weren't for Roddenberry, the spin-offs would never have been made.
  • The Earth is flat 4.0

    First photo of earth from space. 65 miles up. Perfectly flat.

  • Grilled Brussel Sprouts are delicious - I love it

    I just love grilled brussel sprouts and can eat it in virtually Unlimited quantities.  I realize that food is a matter of personal preference, but IMHO I just don’t understand folks who don’t like grilled brussel sprouts.  Everyone should love it, and would like to hear from those who don’t  and why. Persuade me that it’s of not to love brussel sprouts. 
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