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  • We live on a flat plane

    We are all told from the moment we enter a classroom the Earth is a ball in space spinning faster than sound blasting around the sun. However so far, the only proof for the globe I have seen is contradictory pseudoscience. The globe started out as a theory thousands of years ago, that became accepted because of claims that were later (aka today) shown to actually be proof of a flat world, and now people are willing to defend it because "Muh NASA photos". Some globe Earthers have even gone as far as to say we live on an egg or pear shaped Earth, citing Neil deGrasse Tyson saying so as their proof. 
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  • Let's Talk Critically About Sexism

    Headlining our debate on Sexism in the United States is the Oxford Dictionary's definition of what "Sexism" means and this will set the tone for the debate to follow:

    Sexism: Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

    Followed by Merriam Webster:

    Sexism: prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially :  discrimination against women

    In my honest opinion I think the meaning of the word is an indication of where this is going.  While I admit openly that there have been and currently are disparities in equality between Men and Women in the United States...I don't think the inequalities are biased heavily or more heavily against Women.  There's a quiet, hushed side of this equation that has remained unnoticed and shunned for the majority of the History of the U.S.

    My point is this:
    1. Men have historically been held accountable, responsible, liable and reprehensible more heavily than Women.
    2. Men are on the receiving side of more discrimination, prejudicial treatment, stereotyping and bias than Women are.
    3. The benefits of being a Man are far outweighed by the benefits of being a Woman in our Country.

    My supporting evidence is as follows:

    1. The Legal System:
        a. Being a Woman in the U.S. means that you are in a supremely better situation when it comes to criminal defense.  Studies confirm that Women are treated absurdly better than Men in Criminal Court with Men receiving 63% longer sentences on average than Women for the exact same crimes.  Women are also twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted than Men.  The Gender gap is SIX TIMES larger than the racial disparity in Criminal Court.  Not to mention that domestic violence by Women against Men is virtually an invisible crime.
        b. From 1927 to 2012 it was not legally possible to be raped as a Man. Reporting non-consensual intercourse with a Woman as a Man to Legal Authorities was met with threats of punishment for false reporting.  Men in the U.S. are historically required to pay child support EVEN WHEN THEY ARE THE VICTIM OF A JUDICIALLY RULED STATUTORY RAPE.
        c. Gender Disparity is undeniable in the Judicial System with Family Courts being the poster child for Bias against Fathers.  With such a high rate of divorce in the U.S. it's no wonder that the Family Court System is overflowing with custody proceedings and although studies show that only 4% of all custody matters in Family Court are contested by the Father, of those 4% (Roughly 96,400 Fathers/yr) a vast majority of the time the Courts award custody to the Mother.
        d. In the U.S. it is a legal requirement that ALL Males at the age of 18 register for selective service.  Failure to do so is a Felony, is actively punishable under law, will prevent you from voting, owning property or getting a job in the U.S.  There is no such requirement for Women nor has there ever been.

    2. The Education System:
        a. Being a Male in school means that you are more likely to drop out.  The Education System does not tolerate the predisposition of the Male instinct, boys are judged with undue harshness and with prejudice. 
        b. In the view that has prevailed in American education over the past decade, boys are resented, both as the unfairly privileged sex and as obstacles on the path to gender justice for girls.  However, a review of the facts shows boys, not girls, on the weak side of an education gender gap. The typical boy is a year and a half behind the typical girl in reading and writing; he is less committed to school and less likely to go to college.
        c. There are four times the amount of Scholarships specifically designed for Women only as opposed to Scholarships designed only for Men.
        d. In the U.S., 60 Women will attend college for every 40 Men.

    3. The Economy:
        a. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the unemployment rate for Women is 20% lower than for Men.  Instead of addressing the issue, the government actually gives businesses owned by Women special preferences in obtaining Government contracts and offers tax-payer backed small business loans for Women only.
        b. In the workplace, you will find mentor programs, specialized training and fast-track options that are exclusively for Women while no such programs exist for Men.  This is mainly due to the presumption that Men have an upper hand in the economy while none of the evidence supports it.
        c. Men are pressured into studying "high paying/high return" majors such as engineering, finance, CS etc. because they are expected to support a family and earn enough to do so.
    4. The Social World:
    Lastly, the word "Coward".  This is a prime example of Sexism in the United States.  Have you ever heard a Woman referred to as a "Coward"?  You most likely never will.  The term is exclusively used to describe a Man who lacks the courage to do something he should do. 

    Picture this:

    A Mother is driving her Mini-van down the highway with her child inside when she loses control after one of her tires runs flat.  The Mini-van flips over uncontrollably and comes to a stop upside-down.  The vehicle catches fire and the Mother, fearing for her life, crawls out and cannot get near the vehicle without setting herself aflame.  After several attempts she backs away from the vehicle due the the sheer heat and her child dies in the fire.  Is she a "Coward"?  Of course not.  But if it were the Child's Father...well that's a different story.  Say the Father tried but after realizing he would be fatally burned decided to run away from the vehicle, leaving his child inside....yep...he's a Coward.  This is Sexist Culture.  "Women and Children first".

  • Should members switch to debateisland?

    The opinions and polls sections of DDO are broken, nobody can use them, so yeah. People can only use forums and debates currently. DDO is basically a giant bug.

    In the debates section, I've seen some pretty terrible ("Black rape victims who complain should be forced to work in the sex industry"), and stupid ("morality= survival truth" and basically everything by vi_Spex, "is it gay for a guy to wear girl clothes"). The debates section is extremely low quality.

    I also rarely see any debates getting voted on. Infact the majority of debates get abandoned before the voting period. The ones that get into the voting period? They usually don't get votes and when they do it's usually by the debators friends who they had waiting to vote for them, or they just get removed instantly because "I don't like how you did this little little little little little thing blah blah blah" and alot of the times, people won't even try to win debates by arguing and doing research but instead by getting their friends to vote for them as already said, or reporting opposing votes. Chances are, if they're reported, whiteflame will look for a reason to remove it if he disagrees with it. Not if they're obviously biased votes or whatever, but if he disagrees with them, RIP Vote.

    I used to be friends with someone who organized vote bombings all the time. Also, the most viewed debate on the entire site is a troll debate about a tv show character. 

    Most of the activity on the site comes from the forums section. Forums that aren't just spam and games such as Philosophy lack activity. In more active forums that aren't just spam and games, it's usually the same exact people in them.

    And you know about what I said about whiteflame? In general, the moderation is corrupt. Head moderator airmax will ban people for very small things while allowing active trolls to roam freely. is dying, and now many top members are abandoning their accounts. It went from actual discussion to a bunch of trolls and spammers. 

    However there is still one thing good about The account deactivation screen. 

  • De Blasio: It’s ‘Distressing’ ICE Is Arresting ‘Law-Abiding’ Illegal Immigrants

    I agree with the assessment that a person who is in the country illegal has broken the law.  The question is who is responsible for enforcing immigration laws and if we as a society choose to task police with this responsibility what are the impact to law enforcement of that decision.  How are we going to pay to keep illegals in local jails until they are transferred to ICE?   Are communities of immigrants going to distance themselves even more from police? What are we doing with the children of immigrants that are deported?  How are we funding that operation?
    I can understand the argument of illegal workers and their effect on the economy.  My concern is tasking police with immigration duties and massive deportations are all good head liners, but I have not seen a comprehensive treatment of this problem that accounts for the impact on affected communities and how we are dealing with american children once their parents are deported.
    I think there should be a path to becoming a legal citizens for those who can take advantage of it.  It should include paying higher taxes for a period of time to fund the hidden costs of dealing with illegal immigration.
  • Term Artificial Intelligence is derogatory and inappropriate


    Are you using the same definition of "artificial" as the rest of us?

    Artificial means "made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally". You don't stumble around in the woods and come across a naturally occurring artificial intelligence, by the basic definition of what words mean an AI is an artificial intelligence rather than a natural one. Even if tomorrow someone invented an AI that was twice as brilliant as humans in every way, it would still be artificial. however please note that "artificial" =/= "bad".
  • We live on a flat plane

    @PowerPikachu So I see you're going to keep bringing up an edge over and over again.

    "Also, you didn't answer my question about the sun and moon. How do the sun and moon move? According to the model, we see them hovering. Why are they hovering? Inside the dome, no less. I'm having trouble figuring out how this is possible in your model" That is an unverifiable question, but there a number of theories..

    "You did say "But if it takes 27 days for the moon to orbit the Earth, how does it's shadow move to each side of the us in a matter of hours?" I'm not sure where you're going with this, though. What do you mean by shadow? I haven't heard of the moon casting a shadow, other than during eclipses and moon phases. Though thinking about it now, I have more questions. How do moon phases work in the Flat Earth? And how do eclipses happen?"

    Moon phases.

    Image result for solar eclipse 2017 picture

    The reason there are eclipses is because there is an invisible body that blocks out the sun, aka Rahu.  

  • We live on a flat plane

    Okay. So what exactly is the Flat Earth, if not a disk (meaning it would have an edge)? If we're talking about an infinite plane, then would this mean I can go straight forever? If it's an infinite plane, will I eventually reach my house if I choose one direction and go straight?
    Image result for Dome and firmament

    This is a dome, which is we travelers don't "fall off the edge all the time"

  • Atheism IS a Religion

    Coveny said:
    Coveny said:
    At the end of the proverbial day.
    All religious and god bothering debates tend to boil down to the trading of linguistic semantics.

    Listen to me, I am more eloquent than you.

    Formal definition would say that Atheism cannot be regarded as a religion.
    Loose definition would say that anything could be regarded as a religion.

    Everyday he religiously tended to his garden.
    The same does not hold true with the words theist and atheist.

    Not sure what you're trying to say with this statement.
    How does it relate to my proposition.
    Perhaps you could expand your explanation a little.
    You are using this definition of religion.

    Define religion:
    Webster - a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith
    Oxford - A pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.
    Dictionary - the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices
    Cambridge - the belief in and worship of a god or gods, or any such system of belief and worship

    Something like money is the new religion per say. Right?

    Theist have a value “belief in god(s)”. The “a” on the front simply means not. Like the words asymmetrical, atypical, etc. So atheists simply means “no belief in god(s)”, nothing else is attributed to the word, it’s a null value. 

    How do you pursue a null value? How does a null value have principles? What are the practices of a null value? 

    To take it a step further if it were possible to call null values like atheism a pursuit, doesn’t than mean that all null values become a pursuit? Do you play golf? No, well that’s the “not playing golf” religion. 

    I’ve been an atheist my whole life, and over the years I have been told that I worship satan to eating babies and making nature disasters. That isn’t what atheism is. I’ve been told that atheist are this way or that way, or whatever. That isn’t what atheism is. Look at any definition and you’ll see theist and atheist are diametric opposites where theists “believe in god(s)” and atheist don’t. Unlike many words (religion) which get blurred because of common usage, theist and atheist don’t have that problem, they are very clear on the usage. To say it another way is to say being atheist means you have a lack of beliefs, a lack of practices, a lack of devotion, a lack of faith… a null value can’t be a religion.

    Now you could be anti-theist… that could be a religion. Pro science… that could be a religion. There are MANY other “values” that could be a religion… atheism can’t be though because of the semantics of the word, and the logic of how you are trying to use it.

    Ok. Thanks for explaining. I agree with what you are saying.

  • Why does it matter what marriage is called?


    I'm afraid your opponent is correct on this one.  This isn't a matter of gay rights.  If two horses can't get married because Marriage is between a Man and Woman...then two Men or two Women cannot marry each other because Marriage is between a Man and Woman.  We don't violate the sanctity of things simply because other people want them to bend or contort in ways that benefit themselves...that's not how our laws work.  We don't bend tax brackets to fit those of us who want to be in them but don't qualify for them.  We don't bend licensing laws to somehow arbitrarily include people who don't qualify for the licenses.  IF this is truly about the benefits that gay people are alleged to be owed then they should be fighting to bring the benefits of a Civil Union up to par with Marriage benefits...not insisting that the U.S. rewrite the law on Marriage to fit their agenda.
  • We live on a flat plane

    @SilverishGoldNova Im sure the reason you get called out for fallacies all the time is because you use just so damn many of them. And with you you're just insisting that they're gish galloping.

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