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  • Is Nest a Better Wi-Fi Learning Thermostat than Ecobee 3?

    I believe that Nest is a better product.
    1) It has a great feature that monitors gps locations of all family members to know how far they are away from the property. It is smart enough to know to start preheating/precooling once one of family members get closer to the house.
    2) Nest is easy to install and doesnt require an expensive electrician installation, saving you $100s. Many older homes dont have a common (c-wire) that is required for the ecobee installation. Nest is okay to install without the common wire, which is a definite saving.
    3) nest often has deeper discounts than exobee, although both of them retail for the same price. Also both thermostats often have a rebate from the gas/electric provider. For example, until dec 31st you can get a $75 from nationalgrid.

    Overall, both are great thermostats. It will save you money on your gas/electric bill (15-25%), it is cool, and will make you feel that you made a smart decision regardless which thermostat you get. Most people I know have no regrets. Nest though in my opinion has a slight lead due to the overall cost and extra functionality.
  • pro life or pro choice?

    I rather support the life of the babies than think it's okay to murder one.
  • Is Nest a Better Wi-Fi Learning Thermostat than Ecobee 3?

    I also think that NEST IS BETTER THAN ECOBEE 3, because it simply is more popular and is owned by Google which is a very credible and popular company.
  • Barack Obama steps back into public spotlight: 'So what's been going on?'

    Well, sounds like ex President, ''inertia'' Obama ( the ''ex'' has a lovely ring to it) is doing what he's best at, talking.
    The great orator will always have an admiring audience of those who cannot distinguish between ''talkers'' and ''doers''. 
    The smooth oily tones of Obama delivering one of his well rehearsed speeches will have the easily led naive students agape in awe at the meaningless rhetoric of a  narcissist who 'sleepwalked, and hypnotically talked'' Americans into the series of crises which President is now courageously addressing.
    While Rome burned Nero fiddled, and while America was being overrun by illegal immigrants, scoffed at by our enemies and taken advantage of by our so called trading partners, Obama gave ego boosting speeches. 
    Obama got a free ride on the back of the greatness of the American nation, but the time has come to pick up the pieces of his disastrous tenure and face the music.


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