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  • Is Nest a Better Wi-Fi Learning Thermostat than Ecobee 3?

    I believe that Nest is a better product.
    1) It has a great feature that monitors gps locations of all family members to know how far they are away from the property. It is smart enough to know to start preheating/precooling once one of family members get closer to the house.
    2) Nest is easy to install and doesnt require an expensive electrician installation, saving you $100s. Many older homes dont have a common (c-wire) that is required for the ecobee installation. Nest is okay to install without the common wire, which is a definite saving.
    3) nest often has deeper discounts than exobee, although both of them retail for the same price. Also both thermostats often have a rebate from the gas/electric provider. For example, until dec 31st you can get a $75 from nationalgrid.

    Overall, both are great thermostats. It will save you money on your gas/electric bill (15-25%), it is cool, and will make you feel that you made a smart decision regardless which thermostat you get. Most people I know have no regrets. Nest though in my opinion has a slight lead due to the overall cost and extra functionality.
  • Paris v.s. London

    Sorry, typo, Eiffel Tower and Landslide.
  • Is Nest a Better Wi-Fi Learning Thermostat than Ecobee 3?

    I also think that NEST IS BETTER THAN ECOBEE 3, because it simply is more popular and is owned by Google which is a very credible and popular company.
  • Do you think Donald Trump will change USA for the better?

    I think he already has, especially considering what the alternative was.  Further, I think he's already done the country a service by showing how unreasonable the opposition is and how far the mainstream media will go to promote one side over the other.

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