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[ScrewAttack] Death Battle: Metal Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) vs Zero (Mega Man)

Opening Argument

This is ScrewAttack's next Death Battle. When bested by their rivals over and over again, the evil scientists had no choice but to make robots to counter the heroes, made to be better in every way. Metal Sonic; Eggman's robot version of Sonic, or Zero; Wily's rogue creation turned Maverick Hunter. Which of these robots would come out on top?

I think Zero might win this one. As usual, I'll post my argument in the comments. Who agrees, who disagrees, and what are your arguments?
  1. Who would win?

    3 votes
    1. Metal Sonic
    2. Zero

Status: Open Debate


  • Zero has quite a bit of attacks. A list of these are Sougenmu: Zero creates a clone of himself which copies his movements and attacks, Dark Hold: Stops time around Zero for a bit. Time Stopper: A projectile that freezes time for whoever it touches, even if it touches your clothing or weapon. Rakukouha: Energy projectiles fire from above. "Ittou Ryoudan: Genmurei Zero": A fierce jumping slash that covers a wide area, almost impossible to dodge. It's powerful enough to one shot Mega Man X.
  • @powerpickachu21 , I agree with your argument. Although I believe sonic may not be a bad opponent and has a slightly greater chance of a win than you described.
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