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Help wanted: Why Republicans won’t work for the Trump administration

Opening Argument

WhyTrumpWhyTrump 175 Pts

Help wanted: Why Republicans won’t work for the Trump administration

Trump’s firing of FBI Director James B. Comey last month and the escalating probe into Russian interference in the presidential election have made hiring even more difficult, say former federal officials, party activists, lobbyists and candidates who Trump officials have tried to recruit. 

Republicans say they are turning down job offers to work for a chief executive whose volatile temperament makes them nervous. They are asking head-hunters if their reputations could suffer permanent damage, according to 27 people The Washington Post interviewed to assess what is becoming a debilitating factor in recruiting political appointees.

At the same time, “I have people knocking down my door to talk to the presidential personnel office,” said White House press secretary Sean Spicer. “There is a huge demand to join this administration.”

  1. Are Republicans refusing to wirk for Trump?

    3 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • There are plenty of reps in Trump administration. True that he maybe difficult to work for, but Washington Post of course spins it in their liberal direction
  • They're probably refusing to work for Trump, but it's more likely that they just don't want to get caught up in the witch hunt the Dems are waging against the administration than Trump's personality.
  • @CYDdharta, that's a good point.  It's too risky for many politicians to be tied to Trump right now with everything going on
    Live Long and Prosper
  • They don't want to be investigated, or part of the "witch hunt" Trumo claims to be under currently.
  • No, they are working for Trump. They may feel that the party is too deep with the administration and want to bury themselves out of that large hole.
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