What happened to art?

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I'm an art lover and am fascinated by art history and want to know what you guys think. There seems to be significantly less value placed on art nowadays; and not talking about just hyperrealistic drawn images, but real beautiful art with interesting composition, lighting, and most of all original purpose. What happened? Is art even important (I would hope it still is to many people!!)

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  • I blame the internet.  Now you can just Google a painting and there you go.  No need to buy it anymore.  Maybe some hardcore art lovers still buy some, but the internet may be the main problem.  
  • ImbsterImbster 93 Pts
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    I believe the context here are canvasses and statues? I'm a bit confused but my classmates and I now use art apps and special android pens. I don't think that takes away anything from art because art is vast. I have canvasses but I'm not sure with time and talent. Roses paintings aren't enough to impress modernners nowadays and have come to be defeated by art generating apps. They say it takes MORE skill to paint on a phone. Even though they may hate officially painting on canvasses, at least they still love art. We argue a lot about colour especially saturation.

    So I don't get lost here I'll strengthen my path with a few assumptions. You're mainly pointing out that art seems to have less value now not only on HRDI but real beautiful art. So why do people value it less now? Well I may believe that some people greatly lean to the negatives of this realm like current issues which distracts them from even looking at an art. Unlike some who can focus on work and a few other aspects but still be amazed by formal arts. I think the internet is a good thing for art. People who are very far away from a beautiful and hardly worked work of art may see them online. I mean look at Vincent. What if he was able to show his art to the whole world with a post? He's bound to get an appreciation. I'm just pointing that the internet is a good promotion for artists who want to be appreciated, who want to showcase their talent but don't get in america's got talent or other big art shows. I mean you could also sell because sometimes I find that looking at a painting once isn't enough. I want to see it in halls when I walk.

    30 art sites to promote art
  • billpassedbillpassed 77 PtsPremium Member
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    I believe this is due to our modern times. 

    Art collectors may be more interested in older items of Picasso, da Vinci etc. 
  • I believe it is the internet, which consists of a "database" of "artwork."
  • @Imbster , great points. I think perhaps the internet might have decreased the value of some forms of art. Also, it's hard to define "beautiful art" of course, and that's very subjective and could be another debate entirely, so I guess what I meant to say is artists going out and making a living based off of their work. It's hard to be a successful artist nowadays for a plethora of reasons that could be hard to pinpoint but I think some of it might have to do with society not valuing art as much anymore.
  • While there's no Leonardo da Vinci, art is important in media like video games and movies. There's also this website called DeviantArt where people post drawings.
  • randalrandal 59 Pts
    @PowerPikachu21 , the most valuable art is older and possibly more classic.
  • agsragsr 601 PtsPremium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    Premium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    I think the art from renaissance age and names like DaVinci are timeless.  That is an insightful debate.  
    We see new forms of art emerging with internet.  For example, one of new art forms is visualizing data.  The way people can express art is becoming lots more creative.

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  • @powerpickachu, art value picks up over time in many cases. That could be a cause of relatively fresh art not selling high.
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