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Third-Wave Feminism VS. Fourth-Wave Feminism

Opening Argument

Are we now in the stage of fourth wave feminism?

Fourth-Wave Feminism is largely defined in many sources as the feminism movement that involves social media and is also likened to online feminism.
Third-Wave Feminism is dominated by language and sexual liberation because they have nothing else to fight for cause women clearly have established what they needed now they establish sexual liberation for other people that are part of LGBT++.

I define feminism as the advocacy of women's rights based on the social equality of both sexes. Now in each wave, a woman's right is being advocated. For example,
The First Wave dominated the idea about women's rights to vote.
The Second Wave was generally towards workplaces, family and reproductive rights which tackled abortion.
 The Fourth Wave, it's just really labelling it as online feminism or for other sites 'man-hating feminism' which is not on the basis on the equality of both sexes so I believe we are still in Third Wave-Feminism.
  1. Are we seeing third-wave feminism or fourth-wave feminism?

    11 votes
    1. Third-Wave Feminism
    2. Fourth-Wave Feminism

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  • the_worldthe_world 32 Pts
    edited June 2017
    I'm not sure if this would be considered fourth wave, but rather modern day feminism which uses sources like social media to spread their cause. They have developed and want to spread their cause using places like twitter, Instagram, TV, websites etc. 
  • Fourth wave feminism urlilizss modern day abilities and balances that into their movement.
  • I would suggest that fifth wave feminism is the way forward now.
    A more easily defined process, reaching a much broader and less radical audience.
    With such a diverse and mainstream voice, the use of social media techniques will take second place to actual social referencing.
  • I still consider ourselves in the third wave of feminism.

    The previous waves were defined by changes in what Feminism was actually fighting for. 'Fourth-wave' feminism merely seems to be a continuation of the goals of Third-wave feminism but it's now also being done through social media. That kind of stylistic change without any change to the core content of the message doesn't really warrant it being called a third wave IMO.
  • I agree with @Fredsnephew .
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