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Is Amazon going to drive Wal-Mart and Target out of business?

Opening Argument

agsragsr 702 Pts
now that Amazon is entering brick and mortar, are discount stores like Walmart and Target the next Border?
  1. ?

    7 votes
    1. Walmart and Target should be completely terrified
    2. They will be okay....
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  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    They are pretty much screwed.  Walmart is even blocking any companies that use amazon cloud (aws) from doing business with walmart
  • Everyone is overly optimistic about amazon whole foods acquisition.  Let them integrate it first and realize how difficult it is to run physical stores. Walmart and Target have more experience running large discount stores, so while they should be concerned they will put up a good fight
  • Target and Walmart already are in a full war with amazon and surviving.  I am not convinced that Whole foods will help amazon in that war or just sliw them down with physical logistics of "real" world
  • @CuriousGeorge, Whole Foods gives Amazon a poweful base to now have creative offerings Walmart and Target cannot compete with.  They can further transform the experience.  I am not buying walmart or target stock, that's for sure. 
  • melefmelef 55 Pts
    Yes, but on conditions.

    if they can tenacity the industry like they usually do, they could be able to. They would need to bring in efficient technology and improve the system in a way all ages like elders can use the systems.
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  • Another interesting article about future of grocery shopping
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