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Buying bitcoin is now easy, but is that a smart investment?

Opening Argument

You can now buy bitcoin and other crypto currency on your mobile witn a few clicks.  But is that a smart investment?  I think it is based on a premise that as per the other debate reminds us of the tulip mania of the 17th century.
  1. Bitcoin a smart investment?

    5 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No

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  • At $2700 per bitcoin, with no reasonable explanation, I would stay away. Therr was no reasonable explanation when it was a $1, $500, and now $2700.  
  • @islander507, there is no explanation for value of printed currency either.  Our paper bills don't have intrinsic value.  So as long as it is an accepted currency, it becomes supply and demand.  The fact that it is now easy to buy will further drive demand and will put pressure on supply.  Prices may likely go up further, but it will be extremely volatile 
  • It is a highly speculative investment. It's value is largely tied to hype and there is no objective model how to value it's price other than supply and demand.  Nothing stops it from going to $10000 or a $1
    Live Long and Prosper
  • No, it's a hadn't investment due to security.
  • @islander507

    That's kind of the point someone on the other side of it would make.

    It was $1500 and is now $2700 - so if you bought bitcoins when they were $1500 you could now turn them around for an 80% profit by selling at $2700. Something that's volatile, even something that is part of an overpriced bubble that will pop, can be a good investment (for you personally, not necessarily the economy as a whole) if you put your money in and withdraw it at the right times.

    The question is what bitcoin will do in the future. If it will continue to rise and might be $4000 in a few years, making some medium-term investments now would be a smart move. Of course the currency could collapse the day after your invest and you could lose everything. That's what's up for debate.
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