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Car of the future will be an extension of your living room

Opening Argument

Jun 15, 2017 - As driverless cars develop, how we sit, inform and entertain ourselves are all up for grabs — and companies, designers and researchers are dreaming big.
  1. ?

    3 votes
    1. Yes, cars will morph an experience of being in your living room
    2. No, it will still be more like a traditional in-vehicle experience

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  • It is fair to assume that once cars become self driving, people will redefine how it's used.  Commute time will now be fully productive and I agree that experience close to that of a living room will take place
  • Just like commuter trains don't expect for commuters to deal with driving logistics, self driving cars will aim to make it an enoyable experience where you can relax, have a meeting, have lunch, watch tv, etc.
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  • edited June 2017
    @love2debate That view is at odds with your view that almost all vehicles will be fleet vehicles.

    If most cars are for hire, then ease of cleaning will be the primary concern.  Seats will face each other in the center, making better utilization of available space, but the seats themselves and the flooring/wall covering will be made more for easy cleaning than comfort.  There won't be anything loose; books, cushions, etc. that can be stolen.  If vehicles are going to be public places, the interiors will morph into public places.
  • @CYDdharta, it is still cheaper for self-driving fleet cars to be directed for frequent cleanups then stay idle all day in a parking spot
  • @love2debate But the OP is about turning car interiors into personalized spaces like living rooms.  That won't happen unless the vehicles are privately owned.
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