Is Trump right that Obama didn't do enough to stop Russia election interference?

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Trump Asks 'Why No Action?' Amid Questions About Obama's Response To Russian Meddling

President Trump took to Twitter to question his predecessor's judgment and actions — at the end of a week characterized by a steady drumbeat of questions about how and when the Obama administration chose to respond to Russian interference in the 2016 election.

  1. Is Trump right that Obama didn't do enough to stop Russia election interference?

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    1. Yes - Obama didn't do enough
    2. No
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  • Yes, he should be put in jail!
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • @joecavalry, agree that he didn't do enough. I wouldn't put him to jail though
  • I think he should have done more, but I also believe that if he'd done more Trump would have complained that he was politicising the issue to try and bias the election in Hilary's favour.
  • melefmelef 53 Pts
    @AlwaysCorrect , I respectfully delineate to agree with the argument you provided.

    If this whole Democrat led investigation, which by the way, head democrats are now against Obama's interference or none of it, would have not occurred, Trump's agenda would have been faster gained and also done.
  • edited June 2017
    Obama should have done more, but he couldn't.  It would have highlighted how vulnerable systems are to foreign states, which would have brought even more attention to the illegal home server Hillary was using to conduct official business.  Since the DNC had preordained Hillary to be the next POTUS candidate, Obama couldn't risk A ) hurting her chances in the election and B ) more importantly, undermining her legitimacy once she took office (exactly as they're trying to do to Trump).  Remember, all the polls at the time said Hillary was going to win in a landslide. 
  • @CYDdharta, great argument.  I also think that he couldn't highlight Hilary email issue too much.   To @joecavalry
     point, Not sure if Obama going to jail is reasonable, but Hilary that's more like it.
  • Yes, Obama decided to surprisingly not get involved although he may have knew that this was aimed against Clinton who was representing the Democartic party like him. Also, CNN is fake news, Trump was right all along.
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