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Torn Between Jobs And Sacred Culture

Opening Argument

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People Of Coal-Rich Northern Cheyenne Torn Between Jobs And Sacred Culture

Lame Deer, Mont., is the capital of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. The community is struggling with how to build a sustainable economy while preserving the culture and environment of the reservation.

The Northern Cheyenne Reservation sits on one of the richest coal deposits in the country. There are billions of tons of the black rock buried underneath Littlebird, Lame Deer and the surrounding pine-dotted prairie. 

But despite high unemployment and systemic poverty, the Northern Cheyenne Tribe has never touched the coal. Most recently, it even sued the Trump administration for opening up the opportunity for new coal development in its corner of southeastern Montana.

Unemployment  is estimated from 25 to 90%, with drugs, alcohol, suicide due to poverty.  

Many believe that coal extraction is the only path ut, but others refuse to preserve the culture.

Who is right?

  1. coal vs preserve culture

    3 votes
    1. Extract the Goal
    2. Preserve the culture
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  • Preserving culture is much more important as it can lead to great discoveries.

    We have plenty of coal as it is and the source is not very efficient or popular. It's a huge trade off which isn't worth.
  • @northsouthkorea, i disagree. These people live in poverty with 90% unemployment. Drugs, suicide can all stop if they start extracting coal
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