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Messi weds childhood sweetheart - what's the odds of marrying a childhood sweetheart?

Opening Argument

CuriousGeorgeCuriousGeorge 68 Pts
edited July 2 in Sports

Football star Messi weds childhood sweetheart

it is amazing that in the age of internet dating, and world travel, people still marry their childhood sweethearts.  What are the odds?
  1. what's the odds of marrying a childhood sweetheart?

    7 votes
    1. Less than 5% and dropping compared to 20 years ago
    2. Decend odds
    3. Good odds

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  • agsragsr 601 PtsPremium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    Premium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    Messi is a great soccer player and it is an uplifting story that he married his childhood sweetheart. We need more stories like that, instead of Fake News stories about how many scoops of ice cream Trump had.
    Live Long and Prosper
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