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Tesla model 3 arriving this friday. Should you get one?

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agsragsr 702 Pts

Tesla's Long-Awaited, Lower-Priced Model 3 To Arrive Friday

There is a long wait list as production is ramping up.  With sticker price of only $35,000 (or $27,500 after federal electric car tax credits), many can finally afford an all-electric Tesla.

There are many reasons to get one, being "cool" is one of them. Who would like to debate against it?

  1. Tesla model 3 arriving this friday. Should you get one?

    6 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • If you are in a market and can get one (wait list is hugh), tesla 3 is a real contender.
  • It is amazing that Tesla is introducing such a great car at a reasonable price range. If they succeed, they will really make it mainstream and likely push out many traditional car manufacturers.  They are changing culture and removing gas dependency, which is ground breaking.

  • Musk is getting one for his 46th birthday, why can't we all get one.
    first 3 lucky customers who signed up way in advance will get one at Trsla party  on the 28th. Nice. 

    Elon Musk shows off first production Tesla Model 3

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