Is July 4th the best day to celebrate Declaration of Independence?

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America's 100 Other Declarations of Independence

The document we celebrate today wasn't just work of Thomas Jefferson's individual genius. Everyone was doing it.

The American War of Independence was fought from April 19, 1775 (Lexington and Concord) to September 3, 1783 (the Peace of Paris), and although Massachusetts and some other states observe the first of those dates as Patriots’ Day, neither has become a national holiday.

As it turns out, nearly 100 other “declarations of independence” had already been issued in the months leading up to July 4th, 1776, by states, towns, counties, and assorted other bodies. The Declaration of Independence endorsed at the Continental Congress that July wasn’t a bolt out of the blue
politico magazine - By DAVID GREENBERG  July 04, 2017
  1. Is July 4th the best day to celebrate Declaration of Independence?

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    1. Yes
    2. No, it is just ne of 100 declaration independence days, we can easily pick another one
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  • That is interesting information regarding history of declaration day.  I still think that the signing of the final draft by Thomas Jefferson and others warrants the celebration- so yes 4th of July is most appropriate 
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  • Interesting and timely history lesson, thanks agsr!
    Happy one of 100 Independence days :)

    seriously, Declaration of Independence is an important day in our history.  If there are multiple options, 4th of July still feels as the main one.  We can't celebrate just the initial one, middle one, so this final one led by Jefferson is the one that locked it in. Before that, As far as I am concerned there were just partial drafts.
  • The declaration of Independence in 1776 was basically when our entire country (the Continental Congress) said "Yup, we all feel this way. And the way we feel is that we are free," to the British Empire. I mean, that takes a lot of courage to stand up to the largest empire on the Earth. I think that should be celebrated. Obviously, this isn't to down play any other important historical events that mark America's transition from being a colony to a self-governed body of states, but the Declaration of Independence is certainly one of the most prominent ones and deserves recognition.
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