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Will Trump discuss with Putin election meddling?

Opening Argument

Trump and Putin have scheduled a bilateral meeting in germany - first in 2 years.  The topics are still unclear. Not sure if Trump will bring up Russia meddling in US election.

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    2 votes
    1. Yes they will discuss meddling
    2. Nope

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  • It will be difficult to have a meeting and not even acknowledge that as a topic. I think it will come up either directly on indirectly
  • CYDdhartaCYDdharta 314 PtsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    Trump won't bring it up.  How could he?  First, he doesn't know much about it; second, Putin will just bring up all the incidences of US election interference, including the $5 billion the Obama admin spent on influencing Ukraine's election.  If Trump wants to get anything accomplished he'll avoid the issue, lest the conversation degenerates into a tit-for-tat argument.
  • inc4tinc4t 152 Pts
    @CYDdharta, I also agree that it wouldn't make sense to have Trump bring it up, unless he brings it up as a Joke just to provoke media.
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