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Is time travel going to be possible?

inc4tinc4t 124 Pts
in the next 200-500 years, will we develop technology to time travel?
if so, just forward, backward, or both directions?
  1. Is time travel going to be possible?3 votes
    1. Yes - just to the future
    2. Yes - to future and past
    3. Yes - just back in time
    4. No


  • Yes, as sicnisrhists are unlocking doors into these projects.
  • edited July 9
    They might make something along the lines of hyper sleep/cryogenic freezing (similar to how Fry ended up 1,000 years into the future in Futurama), though I don't count this as time travelling.

    And backwards time travelling seems very unlikely, as someone once said we'd be having tourists from the future if backwards time travelling was possible (even if it was outlawed). So if backwards time travelling isn't possible, technology for future travel doesn't seem very likely. I feel very comfortable with my theory that time travel won't exist, excluding going into hyper sleep.
  • inc4tinc4t 124 Pts
    @PowerPikachu21, never say never. What seems impossible now is just due to out limitations in thinking.
  • @inc4t So does time travel seem possible? The technology would be incredibly complex, perhaps near impossible. And I haven't seen or heard of any alien or future beings from the future coming to the past. And in the future, if time travel is possible, they must have already made it, or else time itself becomes questionable. And if backwards time travel isn't possible, it would follow that forwards time travel would be similar technology; particles travelling through time. If backwards time travel isn't possible, forwards time travel is equally as unlikely.

    Even if we give humanity 500 years, I think the closest to travelling in time would be hyper sleep, which I don't count as time travelling exactly; as I'd imagine time travel is sending particles through time. Maybe teleportation could be found, but time travelling is just seemingly hard. Convince me that I'm wrong.
  • inc4tinc4t 124 Pts
    @PowerPikachu21, do you watch starTrek?  They have many forms of time travel. There are many options: 
    1) space worm holes that allow travel much faster than speed of light, essentially bending time and space continuum. 
    2) time space anomalies that create disruptiion in the dimension, either a parallel universe or time travel.  It is not well controlled, but it is conceivable that technology can be developed to create such an effect.
    3) alien technology that can transport much faster than speed of light at warp speed. If we can travel much faster than speed of light than we start getting into weird issues like seeing the past from far away as light reflects.

    you claim that no one traveled here from the future. We cannot assert such claim, as we just wouldn't know.

    all I am saying that we don't know enough to claim that time travel is impossible.   100 years ago many things that are available today sounded completely insane.
  • @inc4t

    1) This is definitely a theory I've heard, but it would be difficult to find one, let alone control one. And if backwards time travel did exist like this, is the government hiding the tourists? And the technology used to contain this? Just seems incredibly overwhelming thinking about how much energy is inside of this wormhole.

    2) This also seems complicated. While it's possible, it would be difficult to discover how to contain this energy and use it in a doorway.

    3) That assumes 1) Alien life exists, 2) Alien life has highly advanced technology, and 3) That technology goes through time via going hyperspeed.
  • inc4tinc4t 124 Pts
    @PowerPikachu21, I agree with all your points above and all of these are just far fetched theories that seem highly improbable.  That said, none if these are "impossible", and given pace of innovation and a long enough time period we may see some unexpected ways for limited time travel. Maybe it will be something we completely don't anticipate today
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