Eating oatmeal is good for you

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I believe that eating outmeal is good for you.  It gets you started on the right path as part of a nutritious breakfast.
  1. Eating oatmeal is good for you

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    1. Yes - outmeal is a great healthy choice
    2. No - it's bad for you
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    inc4t said:
    @agsr, That is intriguing, but isn't this diet a bit unreasonable - like no past, no pizza, no beer?  Wouldn't you miss to never eat those types of things?  
    Also, are you supposed to limit meats or count calories as part of this diet?
    Actually, while it is true that you will have to give up bread, pizza, cakes, and pasta - you really don't miss that food after awhile. Also, the great part it is that with such a diet you can eat lots of meat (fatty is just fine).  I know multiple people who went on this diet and drastically lowered their cholesterol levels, improved blood presure, and improved various blood test
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