Persuade Me test: Lucario vs Renamon

Opening Argument

It seems they've added a new debate thing: Persuade Me. To test this out, I'll post the next Death Battle match up: Lucario vs Renamon.

We'll not be including Mega Evolution or Digivolution in this discussion to keep things fair. I believe Lucario is able to win against Renamon. Who agrees, who disagrees, and who will be able to convince me that Renamon could win?
  1. Who would win?

    3 votes
    1. Lucario
    2. Renamon

Status: Open Debate


  • melefmelef 49 Pts
    Renaming could win. He holds piers that opponents don't and can easil defeat them due to these powers he held.
  • PowerPikachu21PowerPikachu21 197 Pts
    edited July 11
    @melef Could you add to that? Lucario isn't useless, in case you couldn't tell. Lucario, as the Aura Pokemon, is able to sense a being's aura; life force. He can also channel his own aura into attacks like Aura Sphere [never misses] and even into a staff. Lucario can also use moves such as Iron Tail, Close Combat [powerful, though lowers defenses], High Jump Kick [powerful, but damages the user greatly if it misses], and much more. Lucario also has great stats: 110 attack, 115 special attack, 90 speed, 70 HP, 70 Defense and 70 Special Defense.

    Here's the Smogon page for Lucario:
  • Feel the power of aura, fox. And Lucario doesn't have very many weaknesses, so it'll be tough to defeat him. (Though I don't have a lot of experience with Digimon. Though I've heard Renamon is quite powerful.)
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