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Stock market is due for a correction - Persuade Me otherwise

Opening Argument

islander507islander507 172 Pts
edited July 2017 in Investments
  1. Stock market is due to a correction

    4 votes
    1. Correction is due
    2. Market is fairly valued or will continue to rise

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  • I believe that the market is fairly valued. Stocks are not inflated, but rather experiencing high prices due to the newest president and all the excitement with investors about his agenda. This could be the reason there is a big boost.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • @joecavalry, that is a far opinion, but not quite enough to persuade me.  While there is lots of optimism, I see lots of headwind and uncertainty for the economy.  Would like to see more specific arguments on that one please.
  • @islander507, here is a good simple way to think about it:
    stock market has gone up exponentially over time.
    Whenever stocks hit all time high, many get concerned about a bubble.  Most of the time they are wrong, and it goes higher. that explains the fact that it grows so much over time.

    unless you have a great reason to think specifically it is more overvalued than other parts of history you will just likely end up making a wrong bet.

    we have a strong economy with low unemployment, low interest rates, and good prospects driven my significant technology improvements.  

    WhyTrump - a good question
  • @WhyTrump, thanks.  Your points are debatable, since you are essentially saying that past performance is an indicator of future performance. I don't think that's true
  • melefmelef 55 Pts
    No. The FED has announced a rate hike.
  • @melef, not sure if FED announcing a rate hike fully supports the fluffy valuations. It is one of indicators projecting confidence in the economy, but IMHO not strong enough 
  • @islander507, the outlook looks great.  There is lots of excitement about Trump impact to the market.  Let's think about alternatives to investing in equities, it is a great track record of ROI.
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