Governor Christie cannot recover from his closed beach incident - his political career is over

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As His Popularity Craters, Christie Eyes Another Sharp-Elbow Job: Sports Radio Host / Region&action=swipe&region=FixedLeft&pgtype=article

After Christie closed NJ beaches to the public and was caught going to the beac himself, he can't really regain constituents confidence.
that said, he can make a great sports radio host of radio pereonality in general.
  1. Christie popularity cannot recover

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    1. yes
    2. No
    3. Yes, and he will be a great radio personality

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  • No, he could have just made a point. 

    He he has many supporters both on a national level and state level as well.
  • @northsouthkorea, fair point but news seem to indicate broad dissatisfaction with him on the beach decision. What point would he be looking to make? Do you have any backup for your arguments regarding his remaining support.
  • I think he could be a great radio personality. After his misleading opportunity with the Trump campaign, he is really going down hill as governor of NJ.
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