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agsragsr 637 Pts
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I used to carry a blackberry for awhile and initially resisted the iPhone switch.  Now that I've been in the Apple ecosystem for a few years, I will argue that Apple is better than Android phones. 
The key drivers for me:
1) great selection of apps
2) interface that just works, and no need for instructions.

Happy to be persuaded otherwise.
  1. iPhone vs Android

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    1. IPhone
    2. Android
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  • ImbsterImbster 95 Pts
    edited July 2017
    Personal experience isn't really something to argue with but I'd just like to share also. Android has an open source operating system and I find it easier to crack. Which I guess is piracy in your country.

    I have not tried an iPhone but my parents have one each and the android that I have repeatedly abused and overcharged lasts longer than theirs. And this is perfectly reasonable because, Their phones were iPhone 7's so I will use it as an example, it has a non-removable battery Lithium-ion 1960 mAh battery(lower value less battery life) and mine was 4000 mAh battery. I've had my eyes now on the Cloudfone Next because it is under 10k Php and what I've noticed is that phones beyond 10k Php always have better processors so yes that iPhone 7 has a 2.34 Ghz Quad-Core top it off with good RAM and internal mems you have quite a gameplay.
    I am to conclude the battery is simply a bit too low to compete with androids.

    iPhone 7 specs
    Plus version

    The plus version is really an upgrade for battery at 2900 mAh but most androids now are at 4000+ mAh

    I have been with a very crappy Lenovo A5000 for a long time but I can still play NBA Live Mobile.

    If we were to talk about just purely aesthetic I'd concede to iPhone.
  • @Imbster, these are valid points.
    I agree that ability to root (hack) the phone, and potentially battery maybe superior in android.  It is a good option for DYI enthusiasts.
    However, apps and as you said overall esthetics are better in iPhone.
    for mainstream users iPhone is still a better option.
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  • @agsr

    Haha I find it easier to commit piracy with android thanks to the open source OS. I don't have to spend dollars for songs or games perhaps e-books too.
  • @Imbster, for those whose goal is piracy..sure, android is better.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • A good reason for android is to avoid vendor lock in. Apple locks down the device and ecosystem. For example, on android you can install apps such as Kodi to enable streaming with lots of content.  Also, android app store is much easier to get into vs apple requires a larger fee.
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  • Android is wait better than Apple.  Why would you want to lock yourself into Apple, when Android is so much more open, has better selection of phones, and gives you more control?
  • @ChangeMyView and @ale5,
    while good points regarding vendor lock in and it's true that some apps are only available on Android, overall apps quality on apple is higher and user experience is still better.  
    Also, on apple I can also get AirPods that are far better than any other ear pods.
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  • iPhone has much higher standard, a better OS, better hardware, much higher content standard for the App Store etc.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • I've tried both phones and android seemed better for me. It was just less restrictive and much easier to use. You had more settings to suit your preferences, and its not because I do piracy.
  • @1Hacker0, that is very true that for those who prefer control and customization android is better.  Most people though prefer simplicity and better selection or high quality apps.
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