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Physical books are better than e-reader or tablet books

Opening Argument

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer actual books vs kindle or tablets.  I enjoy turning pages and feeling a physical copy of the book.  
If some of you ebook readers would like to persuade me then I am open to a debate.
  1. Physical books are better than e-reader or tablet books

    4 votes
    1. Physical books
    2. E-reader
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  • AlwaysCorrectAlwaysCorrect 237 Pts
    edited July 2017 Winning Argument ✓

    You can do that with ereaders: Not only that but you won't have issues like I've had before lending books out where it is returned in poor condition or (as happened once) with writing inside! You can even do it remotely so the person doesn't have to physically be with you, though they do need an e reader of their own.

    I held on to physical books for quite a while, but eventually ran into a few problems which converted me:

    1) There is only so much space in my house for books, I've basically hit that limit and I don't want to get rid of any to make room for new ones.

    2) I'm environmentally conscious so I cycle to work. Cycling 50 kilometres with a book in my bag not only made the journey harder (more weight = tougher cycle) but also ran the risk of damaging the books. A kindle is lighter than a book and in a carrying case it doesn't get damaged.

    3) Ebooks books are cheaper. The reason I first got into them early this year because a book I wanted was 99p on Kindle and £9.99 for a hard copy. They're also delivered instantaneously.

    4) Some books are free. Copyright is not eternal but runs out after a few decades, so if you want to read an older book you can often do so for free with an e reader. I just downloaded Clausewitz's On War volume 1 the other day and read Pride and Prejudice a few months back this way.

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  • Carrying around, storing old books is a burden.  It is also often cheaper to get e-books vs paperback.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • @WhyTrump, with physical books I cN also lt others borrow them and add to my library collection.  I can't really do that with ebooks.
  • @AlwaysCorrect, I didn't know about these features. That is helpful.  Thanks.  You petsuaded me to try out will try it out. I will buy first one on kindle.
  • SylynnSylynn 68 Pts
    I have an appreciation for both. As far as my preference for reading, I do prefer to hold a physical book and read from actual pages rather than a screen. I also like being able to engage in activities that don't require technology and I don't want to have to worry about charging a device in order to read. That said, if I'm going somewhere and want to take a book with me, it's impractical to pack a collection of books when you can just have them on my iPad that I'm already taking with me anyway. Many of the books I own, I have in both a kindle version as well as the physical copy. 
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