Where does Christopher Wray's (new FBI Director) loyalty lie?

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There is controversy if President Trump implanted Wray after firing Comey to make his investigation go away.  I think that Wray will certainly face that and other tough sceptism, but I don't believe that this suspicion is founded.
A relevant article was published by Politico.

The 6 toughest questions for the next FBI director

Christopher Wray’s confirmation hearing takes place as the Trump-Russia scandal deepens.

  1. Where does Christopher Wray's (new FBI Director) loyalty lie?

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    1. Trump
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  • @inc4t, it is fair to question Wray has been installed by Trump to make the investigation go away. After all, he fired Comey in the midst of the investigation.  Wray will have to think twice befire double crossing Trump.
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  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    @ale5, that is purely speculation and could be said about any replacement 
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