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Does Reincarnation exist?

edited July 12 in Philosophy
Reincarnation states that after a person dies, they can come back to life. Though this seems unlikely, I would like someone to convince me there is a hope for this to be a thing. So what do you guys think? Is there reincarnation, and if there is, would you want to take this?
  1. Does reincarnation exist?4 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
  2. If reincarnation does exist, what do you want to come back as?4 votes
    1. Human
    2. Animal
    3. Nothing
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  • ale5ale5 112 Pts
    Winning Argument ✓
    @PowerPikachu21, let's give it one more shot.  If you elect for a random animal, valuing experiencing diversity then you are saying that animals have it as good humans.  You may also get reincorporate as a random creature or bug in a forest.  Life span, entertainment option, and etc are much worse in most cases for animals than humans.  There are predators that will like violently eat you, rape, hurt you.  There are no doctors, and in some cases fear of starvation.  Not much entertainment.  No hospitals.
    If you elect to be a wild animal then why don't you just move to the jungle now and live there for a while in a tribe somewhere..see how you like that.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney


  • ale5ale5 112 PtsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    @PowerPikachu21, you really beat me to it with posting that debate as per my other comment! Great!

    I will take part 2 of your challenge - I will argue that if reincarnation exists you will be better off as a human vs animal.
     I will use something you can relate to..would you wan to be pikachu with more features or less features
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
  • @ale5 Yeah, after posting that comment, I went straight to this. But your analogy kind of seems to fail. If I wanted to be a Pikachu, I'd choose an actual Pikachu instead of one with 2 tails or no tail, as that's more natural. If the Pikachu has pink cheeks or has no ears, it isn't really a Pikachu: Just someone's OC.

    But translating your analogy to real life. Aren't all animals different from humans? Spiders have 8 legs, snakes have no legs. Tigers have sharp teeth and cows have flat teeth. Birds fly, and fish swim. My opinion of being reincarnated is to experience all these styles; to see what it's like. To enjoy Earth to its fullest. Unless there's a huge advantage that humans have over animals (aside from technology, obviously), I think I'll be fine with my view.
  • @ale5 It's foolish to think animals are as good as surviving as humans. Though I agree that it's terrifying out there, animals aren't helpless. Though I rarely hear of animals raping, getting attacked is a high chance, but some animals can defend themselves, some can flee easily, some don't have to worry too much because of camouflage. I do see where your fear is coming from, but unless the reincarnation process forces me into a defenseless animal, I assume I'll be fine. Though I'm 15 years old, and as this life, I'm going to just enjoy what humans have, and then see what it's like out there in another life. (I'll probably put your argument as "Persuaded", though. Definitely threw reality into me.)
  • @PowerPikachu21, wow, enjoy being human.  Much better than other options, good luck!  lol
  • @ChangeMyView What are you meaning by that comment? Do you like humans? Would you rather be an animal? While I agree humanity is stupid a lot of the time, it's nothing to suicide over. I'm 15 years old. [One huge advantage humans have is video games.]
  • @PowerPikachu21, sorry about misunderstanding. I meant that you made the right choice being Human vs some random animal.
  • I still want to reincarnate as an animal. Sure, it's a harder life, but like I said: Enjoy Earth to its fullest. Even if it means hiding from eagles.
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