Airbnb host gets $5,000 fine for canceling over race

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An Airbnb host who canceled a reservation and told the guest, "One word says it all. Asian," has agreed to pay a $5,000 fine and attend a college course in Asian-American studies

my position that the punishment is fair.
  1. Is the punishment fair?

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  • RodinonRodinon 67 Pts
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    There should not be so much focus on the racial aspect of the story or the case.  First, Ms. Suh only shows a small portion of the dispute via text:

    "Dyne: Go ahead. I wouldn't rent to u if u were the last person on earth

    Dyne: One word says it all.  Asian.

    Suh: I will report to airbnb that you are racist

    Dyne: Want something for nothing

    Suh: You just violated the law"

    First and one-half:  Use proper punctuation and grammar!  I'm not an English whiz, and it is texting, but come on, use basic capitalization and punctuation.  You're going to UCLA for crying out loud!  And I'd cite you for the duck lips, but you're cute, so I'll let it slide.

    Back to the main points.

    So the story implies there was a disagreement over last minute additional guests, and that Dyne agreed to host them.  We are not shown these texts, but are only told they exist.  If Dyne explicitly agreed to this, then she is stuck, and Suh is due damages.  It was a long trip for her, and now her vacation is ruined.

    However, if Dyne did not actually agree, or asked for more money because more rooms than she planned would have to be readied and cleaned, all this three minutes before Suh arrived, then Suh is at fault here.  If Suh or Dyne are responsible for any cancellation fees or refunds would depend on the contract.

    Clearly, from the first revealed line of text, Dyne was already declining the reservation before the racist insult.  Was there a racist insult before this?  Was no reason given for the reservation decline until the racist comment?  I would guess no, since the story DOES say the dispute started over additional guests.  We really need to know what led up to this in the texts before we can make final judgments.  If Suh were springing last minute guests on Dyne, racism from Dyne may have played no real part in the dispute until she decided to use it as a hurtful snappy comeback, ancillary to the root argument.  We've all seen and used parting shots before that have nothing to do with the main dispute.  Once you decide you don't like someone, you start nit picking.  "Your service sucks...and and dress like a dork!"  Which isn't right, but I'll bet if someone refused to give me service because of my race, I sincerely think forcing them into a course on how great I am by extension of my ancestry would make them MORE racist toward me.

    Is Suh due damages?  Maybe.  We aren't given enough information.  Should Dyne take that class?  Probably not.  Being jerks to racists doesn't make them less hateful of you.  There's all this talk about racial unity and love, until money or personal power is involved.  As it is, this case appears to have been judged solely on race, and very little on the more important aspects of legal contract.

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  • agsragsr 601 PtsPremium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    Premium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    @Rodinon, that is a great point - will making racist take that special class about Asian culture actually make him more resentful towards Asians?  I don't think it necessary will, as he should get some level of appreciation forvtheir culture. I do think he wil likely be more resentful due to the whole experience though - he had to pay $5000, take a class irrelevant to him, and get bad PR. That may make him even more racist, but more careful racist.

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  • RodinonRodinon 67 Pts
    agsr said:
    ...That may make him even more racist, but more careful racist.

    And that may be the worst way to solve that problem:  Force someone to hide their hatred.  It's only going to smolder and flare up later even worse.  Convince some one to change their heart.  Don't coerce, or it's not genuine.
  • Racial aspects are being covered on a high scale by young liberals out of college. This should not be part of the case.
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