Skin in the game - Suits season 7 episode 1 - Donna's seat at the table is just wrong

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Great to have Suits start the season 7, and episode 1 is a great (although bizzare start).  

This debate will look to address issue of Donna getting a seat at the table.  I will argue that while she is a valuable asset, it is highly doubtful that making her a sr partner is a smart decison.  Donna is a personal assistant. She has no experience in running a firm.  It is true that she has a great history of insights and decisions, but what are the optics to other employees, associates, clients of her being a senior partner.
I understand that Donna wants to be more than a secretary (which she is already the highest paid one, subsidized directly by Harvey and subsequently Litt), but she has some balls to leverage her relationship with Harvey to ask for a seat at the table.  That was wrong of her to ask, and wrong of Harvey to give.

SUITS -- Skin In the Game Episode 701 -- Pictured Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter

Ian Watson/USA Network

SUITS -- "Skin In the Game" Episode 701 -- Pictured: Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter

Forbes did a nice recap of this episode.

  1. Donna seat at the table

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    1. Bad judgment call
    2. Great decision
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  • I actually think that it is a great decision.  Harvey and Louis are lost boys, now lacking a mother figure that Jessica brought to the table.  Donna actually ran the firm unofficially for years and will bring a great balance.  If Donna were to leave that would be devastating to the firm at this time, so while having Donna be a senior partner is certainly controversial, it will be overall positive given the alternative 
  • agsragsr 601 PtsPremium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
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    @ChangeMyView, no sorry. You cannot replace experience of cut throat lawyer like Jessica with a secretary.
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    Well, looks like Harvey sortof came to his senses in the 2nd episode and took away the senior partnership from Donna - good move.  He still sort of made her a senior person, but atleast it wasn't a partner.
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  • That's a bad judgment call.
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  • @joecavalry, it was a good decision.  He gave her a senior role and didn't make her an actual partner. This way he still preserves prestige of being a partner (as a lawyer), while making her stay and working hard for interest of the firm
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