Suits - Rachel won't do well as the new associates boss

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Season 7 of the Suits gives Rachel a chance to run the assiciates, but I argue that is a horrible experiment.  While Rachel is hot, great paralegal, well connect to the management - she is not a lawyer, and certainly not a top graduate from Harvard Law like the rest of the associates.  These associates came here from top Ivy League to learn and become cut-throat sharks. They want to learn from the best, not from Rachel, who is basically enacting a corporate form of nepotism. It is highly unlikely that Rachel will do well in that role, not to mention that Louis Litt will not let her keep it for too long as that's easentially his meaning in life.
  1. Wil Rachel do well as the new associates boss

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    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • inc4tinc4t 154 Pts
    She will do well. Once associates will get to know her, they will gain respect for her knowledge, ethics, amd power within the firm.  She will be a sharp contrast to all the abuse they been getting from Litt, and that will play well for Rachel.  Associates will start seeing her more than just a pretty face. 
  • Respect will be gained when the couple are associated further.
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