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Governors skeptical after 'pretty atrocious' session with top Trump health officials

Opening Argument

  • The administration's effort left major questions unanswered, Republican and Democratic governors said
  • Republicans said they remain concerned about the long-term financial fallout of the bill

This bill has really questionable financial implications to many states and the country as a whole.  Trump administration is trying to steam roll everyone to get it through, but it just doesn't make financial sense
  1. Health Bill?

    2 votes
    1. Good idea
    2. Bad idea
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  • The health care bill with a replacement has now been taken off the panel. The one with a 2 year deadline is being worked on, but can't pass with more than 2 opposition members of their party.
  • @Max_Air29, yeah..that was just too much opposition.  I find it disturbing that Trump administration comtinues to trash current Obamacare and trying to replace it with something much worse for many states and people.
    WhyTrump - a good question
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