Would Trump fire Mueller? I don't think so

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Lately, Trump has been on top of the DOJ and it's heads such as former FBI director James Comey, who was fired and replaced. Will this happen with Mueller? I don't believe so, because as Other politicians may have said, he may get impeached if he does fire the head of the DOJ, Mueller. Persuade Me!

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  • He would, there is a small change of his impeachment due to republicans wanting their agenda fulfilled, while the investigation is bringing down his rating for human popularity.
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    It would be highly risky for Trump to fire Mueller, however we already sas that Trump is ruthless when it comes to firing decisions.  If Mueller stands on Trump's way, he will get fired.  Think about anyone whom Trump held back in firing?
  • If I were President Trump, I would at least hold off on firing Mueller until the Russia probe gets dropped. ( if Democrats ever drop it while he's in office.) Because all that would do is give his opposition further justification in continuing the investigation which is interfering with his ability to get anything of note done.
  • Firing Mueller could lead to the impeachment of Trump. This could be a bipartisan action, led mainly by the Democratic party.
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