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Opinion on actual Fascism

1Hacker01Hacker0 78 Pts
edited August 9 in Politics
I just want to know what your honest opinion is when looking at real fascism. Obviously fascism is getting thrown around a lot as a derogatory term. I myself agree with some of the things fascism has to offer, so I was just wondering if I'm not alone. Here is a basic description of what actual fascism is:

Fascism is a type of nationalism. Fascists believes that capitalism and socialism each lacks in its own way so it tries to take the good things of both capitalism and socialism. It keeps property and businesses like in capitalism, but it also tries to satisfy everyone like in socialism. Fascist governments sponsor companies to work under the government. People can also create their own businesses, but the government makes sure the business does not pose a threat to the country. So in the middle of a war, the company can't aid the enemies, like American companies in WWII (American companies supplied oil to the Nazis). The government heavily taxes large businesses, but keeps them in power so that the company can develop as well. The government also keeps a large military which it consistently uses to promote national interests. Contrary to the belief of many people, fascism can actually be democratic at rare times. It is restricted to being a representative democracy in these cases. 

Some of the reasons why I'm not pure fascist is because it is required to be a dictatorship. Even when it is democratic, it is hard to kick the dictator off his position. Propaganda is used widely, and free speech isn't encouraged, which is part of the reason why democracy can't always get rid of a bad leader. Most fascist nations in the past didn't have democracy.

Nazism is a type of fascism which uses racism. It doesn't represent all fascism. Plus it has many socialist values which traditional fascists wouldn't like.

And by the way, fascism isn't social democracy. Although my description might seem to be similar to social democracy, there is a major difference. Every job has to benefit the state in some way. So if you want to have a retail store then be prepared to have extra restrictions, so you don't inflate the money. Also large companies are required to do research for better technology. And unlike social democracy where taxes are used for healthcare, fascism uses taxes for research.

This is just a brief description of fascism. I might also be biased so make sure to do your own research. Nazi Germany, Italy, Spain, and The Roman empire are some fascist/semi-fascist countries in the past.
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