Catholics Reject Their Own Religious Doctrine

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Hello there, I'm back.

I would like to discuss how there is a burden for a catholic to follow the supreme community, the church, especially with the recent controversial things the Pope has done and said. While some have interpreted what he said wrongly and made clickbait all over the internet, there are instances where the pure translations of what the Pope mentions are what it simply is.

I'll just take this general reference since many sources also cite the same idea. I was wrong with a few arguments before now knowing the difference. 

With this, Catholics are to follow the teachings of the church, Bible, Jesus and the Pope whereas general christians do or may not recognise the special authority of the Pope and have free will to accept or reject individual teachings of the Bible.

So now I ask, why do catholics lie to children? Do they underestimate children cannot handle true church doctrine? That they won't go to hell after stealing candy? That they'll go to heaven by doing over 9000 morally upright acts?

Why does a priest talk about things not according to doctrine? Is that what it means for him to be "the one who Jesus speaks through during mass"? That would then mean Jesus speaks against doctrine and wishes to change it but we all know a priest still speaks with his own mind and knowledge and therefore ridiculously comes up with teachings not accordingly to Catholic doctrine.

I may be a Sunday assistant atheist teacher but I keep the teacher's class according to the doctrine of their religion so they can go home and tell their mom and dad "you're lying" though I still cherrypick verses cause I wouldn't wanna talk about David and foreskins.

Catholic doctrine is easily searchable so to all catholics here maybe start following that and avoid severe mandela effect where everyone else says the Bible says this but actually the Bible says another. You'll live that your whole life.

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  • What is this debate about and what side are you arguing for?
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  • Yeah, I'm just as confused as joecavalry here. Are you arguing against a specific Catholic teaching, or are you just not really happy with Catholics in general? If it's the latter, I don't think there is much we can debate about.
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    @joecavalry and @DavidDebates I guess there is a must for a specific topic which I recently encountered this morning. It is very noticeable that most Catholics do not follow or have no knowledge of two doctrines, namely, Salvation doctrine and Catholic Mass decorum. Not that I'm sexist that I demand a proper dress code inside the church but the religion, the community/the church demands such.

    Compare it to other religions their practices are strict, an example are the adventists who don't eat pork.

    The Mass decorum only demands a Eucharistic Fast that you must not eat nor drink one hour before the mass excluding the aged yet people do eat during mass. Punctuality is also a problem. A whole church having a 1,000 seat capacity fills after the Homily knowing that subdivision has a population of at least 2,000 registered catholics reading from the documents I've seen at a parish office.

    It is demanded of a Catholic to be Catholic and not a Christian, to obey the teachings of both the church and the Bible and orders of the Pope. I am not stepping on religious beliefs but perhaps personal beliefs because this is the belief of the specific religion that specific personal beliefs of one reject.

    It's not forcing someone to believe if it is expected of the person under the organisation. So if you'd like to argue there's a piece of catholic document that states Catholics can reject Biblical teaching I think that's inside a teapot orbiting Mars.
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