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Is Trump going to ever be a "presidential" president?

Opening Argument

Trump is currently not very presidential me may take some pride in that.

Will he ever be a normal presidential president?
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    4 votes
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    2. No

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  • No, Trump takes so much pride in the fact that he's not very presidential.

    This may also be good with his base and voters.
  • No, Trump has a base that may like his non-presidential attitude. That may show results or make it seem like that.
  • You mean a mainstream media approved president?  No, probably not; then again, neither was Reagan or W Bush.
  • No, and he may be know for his "unpresidential" behavior or his some what "unpresidential" behavior.
  • I think we need to redefine what "normal" and "presidential" means. 10 years ago it was unthinkable to have CEOs of large companies not to wear formal attire. Today if you go to West Coast, formal attire is unthinkable.  
    It is possible that he may redefine the meaning of "normal" president.
    Live Long and Prosper
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