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Will North Korea Launch A Missile At The United States?

Opening Argument

Will North Korea attempt to launch a missile at the United States? 

I do not believe that North Korea will do that. This is due to their current economy, sanctions and knowing that the United States Army is very powerful. They may not have the weapons, resources, allies, and funds to start a war, especially with the United States and possibly their allies. 
  1. Will North Korea Launch A Missile At The United States?

    7 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
  2. Will Trump attack first?

    7 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
DebateIslander and a lover. 

Status: Open Debate


  • inc4tinc4t 136 Pts
    @joecavalry, I would say that every administration needs a strong perceived enemy to unite the people for common agenda.  Attacking North Korea and threat of nuclear war would do that for Trump.  I would say there is a reasonable chance that Trump will attack them first, but only when the threat escalates further.
    North Korea doesnt really stand a chance right now against US and our allies.
  • I don't believe that North Korea would launch a missile st the United States due to their economy.
  • yuno44907yuno44907 32 Pts
    edited September 9
    They are begging for money. Give me money or i will push to button and launch a missile to somewhere!!
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