Calexit activists - should California be a separate country?

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I was just watching Tucker on Foxnews debating with leader of Calexit movement.  This activist group wants California to exit USA and become a separate country.
It doesn't make any sense to me.
Here is related news article.
  1. Calexit activists - should California be a separate country?

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    2. No
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  • Just California as a country? Wouldn't they have to make states for it? I get Australia is a continent and a country, and Europe is attached to Asia, but I just don't think California being a country can happen.
  • After looking it up, California has an area of 163,696 mi², while Australia is 2.97 million mi². While it's still possible to sustain that small of an area, I think California should stay with the USA. Not much room for states, and it'll probably need its own justice system. Tomorrow, I might look up any other factors that might need to be checked.
  • @PowerPikachu21, I don't think that size is a critical factor, as in Europe many countries are much smaller.  They will need their own judicial system and government. You are right.
    I am still unclear if it will really have bemefits for Californians to separate, I guess they will not need to pay federal taxes. In any case, USA shouldn't allow it as it would set am awaful precedent.
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    I don't think they should be a separate country; however, it shouldn't be surprising.  Whites are already outnumbered by Hispanics in California.  As the ratio of, primarily Mexicans and those of Mexican decent, increases to those of Whites, this movement will strengthen and grow.  Mexicans are taking over the region they lost in the Mexican-American War. Right now, it's just a borderland, like Gaza, the West Bank, the Balkans, Kashmir, etc. If things keep going the way they have been, as the Mexican population increases and solidifies, more Mexicans or people sympathetic to the Mexican cause will find their way into elected offices in the region to the point where they are by far the majority. At that point, the region will, for all intent and purposes be controlled by Mexico.

  • @CYDdharta, that's a great argument. In a stealth takeover, if nothing is done California may eventually become more like Mexico vs US.
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