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What is humanities worst problem at the moment?

Opening Argument

What is the most urgent problem that needs to be attended to in the world? What is something humanity seriously needs to fix, solve or improve? This is a very casual debate, and people will have different opinions on this topic. I'm also expecting quite a wide variety of unique answers, and I am excited to hear what your responses are. Some examples include: global warming, disease, asteroids, overpopulation, greed, religious differences, laziness and war. My short list definitely doesn't even begin to cover all the possibilities. Happy debating!

Status: Open Debate


  • Humanities worst problem at the moment is Climate achange due to the future impact it could make on many things and people.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • Hello, @joecavalry ;
    Could you elaborate a little bit? Climate change is a good response, but what is your reasoning? Why do you think that is our number 1 worst problem? What are the exact effects it may have in the future? Is there a way we can solve these problems?
  • In general, violence is humanity's greatest problem. War is in our nature. One obvious example of large a violent situation is North Korea's potential nukes. It's not unreasonable to imagine a World War 3 happening. How to solve violence? Not sure. Peace treaties have been made, but they only last until conflict becomes so great that they send troops to do war.
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