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Looting during tragedy like Irma should carry extra heavy punishment?

Opening Argument

agsragsr 539 PtsPremium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
edited September 15 in United States

9 arrested in Florida for looting sneakers during Irma

it is really disheartening to hear such stories, as people turn into savages.  We hear about looting after major storms, and people should be ashamed of themselves for being part of that.  At the very least we should ensure that such looting carries a heavy criminal penalty.
  1. ?

    8 votes
    1. Yes, extra heavy penatly should apply
    2. No, it is understandable
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Status: Open Debate


  • We need an extra punishment due to the nation emergency declared.
  • Extra heavy punishment? Just because someone picked up something off of the ground? That just seems to be going too far.

    Hurricane Irma's probably done a great deal of damage. During the storm, I'd probably stay inside. While it's flooded, I'd stay inside for my own safety. When it goes away, there might be some things on the ground, maybe valuables, maybe things that broke off of something like a car. Picking up valuables can be considered stealing, and should receive the same sentence. If the person doesn't care that you picked up some spring (for whatever reason), no punishment should be dealt as no real crime was done. If you decide to go out during a flood or a storm, the punishment will probably happen naturally when you get hurt.
  • In a state of emergency, anyone who would break into a store or home and steal the few remaining valuables that a business or individual may have left should be punished in accordance with their crime. In making sure that we prevent looting during a time of crisis I think that a more severe penalty than standard burglary should apply.
  • What kind of looting? It depends on what they steal. If they are stealing food, thats something else, but if they are stealing expensive items, then it would be logical for that kind of punishment.
  • @George_Horse , good argument.

    I believe that at times of an emergency, looting and crimes of any sort should have a much stronger penalty.
  • agsragsr 539 PtsPremium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    Premium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    I also agree that looting during emergencies should get more severe punishment.  That just shows that looters cannot be part of civilized society 
    Live Long and Prosper
  • If rich people are stupid or evil; they get killed. If we accept crime how will we decrease human population? 30,000 years passed still same things are happening. If i were Earth i would kill all humans but Earth is tired and i am just a very ordinary, completely normal human.

    Think about 9/11 George Bush, John Biden, Donald Trump. I bet aliens want us to go insane and kill everything cuz everything is very negative. Its like USA government trying to increase crime rate and support all kinds of terrorism.
  • Poor homeless people may want to steal gold for buying pc games and hire sex slaves. Point is there is criminals, there evil people who innocent but caused many people to die... Civilization completely unjust and wrong. Porn models gain more than miners and electricity you use stolen from Earths magnetic field. @George_Horse
  • Max_Air29 said:
    @George_Horse , good argument.

    I believe that at times of an emergency, looting and crimes of any sort should have a much stronger penalty.
    @Max_Air29 and @George_Horse,
    It's disheartening to see worth come out from our civilization by looting during storms. Such tragedies are opportunities for seeing acts of kindness and not looting.  Looters should really be criminally punished.

    to @George_Horse point, stealing food and essential supplies needed for survival I am willing to somewhat accept, but any other form of looting should get extra punishment
  • Stealing food and supplies should heave a fine and jail time during that time.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • @joecavalry But "food"? What would you do in that kind of scenario? You are starving, your wife and children are as well, stores are closed, shelves empty, the corner store may have some food, what would you do? It is a drastic choice to make. Apart from other families that have stocked up on food, you and your family were unfortunate to get many things, food is seen in the stores, shall you be patient? Or satisfy your hungry, aching stomach? 
  • @George_Horse I just have to point out your Appeal to Emotion right there. I haven't been in any floods (except maybe some that only went a few inches on the street), and I always have a good amount of food, so I don't know if I'd be that desperate to get food.

    But if I was to go outside and the water was 2 feet or higher (which I would try to avoid because I don't want the water in my house), I think I'd get some random things, like what comes into my house, then I'd try to close the door as soon as possible to avoid more water than needed. But the off chance I was able to go outside during the flood, ignoring the fact my home is flooded now, maybe I'd get food that I find? But after the flood dies down, I probably won't need to pick up anything. But the rare chance I am broke, I'd ask neighbors.

    But like I said, I probably won't get into this situation so I don't know what will happen. But I think everyone can agree you shouldn't steal jewelry, even if it's on the ground, even after a flood.
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