Game of Thrones - the dead vs alive?

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We now seen in the season finale the devastating impact of the dead dragon on the Wall.  The dead are marching forward, and the more they kill in the way the more powerful is their army.  However...they have a hugh weakness - a single point of failure - the night king!  If he will be killed then all the dead get killed as well, since he is the originator of the zombies.  There are still 2 live dragons, and the night walkers can be killed by fire - so that should be the strategy to end this war.  I predict that as the ending of the army of the dead.
  1. Game of Thrones - the dead vs alive?

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    1. The Dead will win
    2. The Dead will be destroyed
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    Jon Snow and the Mother of Dragons are now united and the truth about their heritage is revealed. That means they together are the rightful heirs of the Iron Throne and can all unite against the Dead.  The issue is with the wall down and the Dead marching the situation now escalated out of control. I agree that the two dragons are probably the best shot they have in stopping the Dead, but the Dead have the Dead dragon also to counter their attacks.  The Dead also have the ice spears that were used to kill the first dragon.  So it will be a major battle with many casualties.  It will have to be a showdown, and after that battle whomever wins is the winner of the war.
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