September 11th 16th anniversary - was enough done to fight the terrorism?

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It's hard to believe that it's 16 years since September 11 2001!  It is a good reflection point for me every year, since I witnessed that day first hand.  The question is if we done enough to counter terrorism in the last 16 years to prevent reoccurrence, or are terrorist threats now even greater than before?
  1. September 11th 16th anniversary - was enough done to fight the terrorism?

    3 votes
    1. Yes - we are at less risk than before
    2. No - We are at either same or more risk than before
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  • No, there has not been too much done for the fight against terrromism domestically and internationally. Under the Trump admin I believe that will change.
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  • America should have stopped war games and should have had jets intercept the planes, to take them down to prevent more destruction. We were safe, but the military response was slow and utterly ridiculous.
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