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Is Equafax doing enough to compensate those exposed to the hack?

Opening Argument

143 million equafax customes suffered a major personal information exposure that now can lead to major identity theft issues.  I am thinking that Equafax is legally liable and these customers should seek significant damages.  Now, what does Equafax offer? One year of free monitoring service, which actually limits their ability to sue in the future.  Wow, that is a sleazy thing to do. They exposed their customer security information, and customers have to worry about it now for the rest of their lives - and actually probably now need more than ever a monitoring service. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.
a nice article below.

If you want help from Equifax, there are strings attached
  1. Is Equafax doing enough to compensate those exposed to the hack?

    2 votes
    1. Yes - equafax doing the right thing
    2. No way

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