Will Trump lose supporters, because of DACA decision?

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Trump is possibly considering trading DACA’s existence for his wall or border security. His base or some of the people in Trump’s base have not been happy about that. Will Trump lose supporters? 

I don’t believe so. Trump’s base is very committed to Trump and most of them may not leave his base, at least not, because of that decision.
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    @walterba, I am with you on this point. We have continuously seen almost fanatic following from Trump's loyalists.  I dont think that neither this or other issues would make a difference for him to lose his followers.  He is making pragmatic trade decisions, and that's what we learned can be expected from him throughout his overall career and tenure as President
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    DACA should not have ever been allowed into a bill.  The ideology behind DACA is ridiculous and basically created a backdoor loophole for illegal immigration.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, creating shortcuts for those who broke the law is a slap in the face and spit in the eye for all Immigrants (Current and future) who came here legally and those who are still working to get their legal status.

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    DACA was an illegal and unconstitutional act of Obama. No President has the right to grant or take away citizenship. All Trump did was drop this into the lap of the people's representatives.
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