Embarrassment as Washington Post corrects its 'scoop' about Obama, Facebook and Russia

Opening Argument

The Washington Post has made a correction to an explosive cover story that undermines the entire premise of Monday’s front-page article headlined, "Obama sought to prod Facebook on Russia role."

That's makes Washington post fake news. It's irresponsible for Washington Post to publish such stories without double checking their facts.  It discredits many of their other anti-Trump stories as well.  Since most of WP material is anti-Trump, and that's how they make their livelihood we should question their conflict of interests.
  1. this embarrassment makes Washington Post Fake News Post

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    1. Yes, Fake News Outlet
    2. No, innocent isolated mistake

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  • WSJ was an Amazon company that putts out mostly if not all fake news.

    1) Many stores were biased.
    2) May Be left wing.
  • WakeWake 121 Pts
    The entire social media is a major fake news outlet. The millennial generation in particular with no experience in the world are far more likely to believe very obviously fake news than previous generations.

    New TV show "Wisdom of the Crowd" is a demonstration that the millennials believe that they're smarter than others. That they can find truth even where there is none. That cops are more stupid than robbers.

    TV Commercial at the end of which is "Come Clean Big Tobacco". Come clean with what? That they are the cause of littering with smoking waste? The fake news that somehow tobacco doesn't compost?

    The media no longer CARES about truth or ethics or morals. They are nothing more than socialists trying to force their will on the people of this country.

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  • WakeWake 121 Pts
    Example - Obama as President illegally used $100,000 American taxpayer dollars to campaign AGAINST Benjamin Netenyahu in Israel.

    Now what do we hear about Russia trying to effect the American election? Got news for you ANYONE can finance anyone's campaign in this country AS LONG AS THEY'RE USING THEIR OWN MONEY.

    That's the way the American system works. Or do you believe as the Liberals that a Russian went into the voting booth with people and held a gun to their heads and made them vote for Trump?
  • @wake , good point. I believe that WSJ is a fake news outlet which is radically left.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
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