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Is Trump Going to Increase The GDP?

Opening Argument

Will Trump Increase the GDP? I believe he will.
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    GDP is already up. Jobs are up.

    But this will not likely improve the staggering national debt for some time. Especially with natural disasters occurring.

    The real problem is that the government has grown FAR too large and costs the people of this nation too much to operate. Too many departments and offices were implemented only so some Congressman's brother-in-law needed a high paying job. Look at the preposterous terms of office - a senator need only be in office FOR ONE TERM to have a retirement benefit and full medical for life. Assemblymen for only three terms (the same 6 years period).

    The fact is that these people that passed such regulations should be termed crooks and thieves and tried for such crimes. All of these rediculous subsidies removed permanently. That term limits strictly installed and enforced.

    Do you want a clean government? Then you cannot do so with crooked representatives.

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