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Will and Grace TV series is too much anti-Trump

Opening Argument

islander507islander507 154 Pts
edited October 1 in TV SHOWS
After a 10 year break, Will and Grace series debuted again as a reunion series.  I couldn't believe how politically charged against Trump the show was.  I thought the show was entertaining, but will not watch due to attacks against Trump that are too distasteful.
here are examples I picked up that crossed the line.
1) Grace tried to use "Trump color" orange to decorate
2) White House staff said there are no longer and any rules in the White House , said husband and wife fight all the time, and called President "owner"
3) Pillow fight in the Oval Office - common guys?

if producers of Will and Grace choose to become like SNL and attract ratings by disrespecting the office of the President then let someone else watch it, but it will not be me!

  1. Is Will and Grace show inappropriate anti-Trump?

    2 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Maybe a bit, but it didn't cross the line

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