Will Trump Work With Democrats?

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Do you believe that Trump will work with Democrats? I believe that he won’t.
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  • FascismFascism 230 Pts
    edited October 5
    He needs to improve his speech. If some other person imposed the same laws as Trump, he will get more support, as long as he isn't spewing garbage in his speeches. Trump also does an awful job of defending himself, when people attack him. 
  • @Fascism , Trump doesn’t do a bad job, but rather a good job throwing insults back. I believe that Trump will work with the democrats due to his problem getting legislation passed through the party lines.

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  • FascismFascism 230 Pts
    @yolostide, He does a good job at being a president, but he says things in speeches which aren't really true. It doesn't cause any harm, but it does anger people because he speaks without knowledge.

    One statement he said is that the US provides 22% of the UNs budget. This is false. We actually provide much more than that. 

    There is more evidence that Obama has ties with Russia, than Trump. But his speech isn't as bad. Insulting people directly is bad for a president. You should only start doing that in your second term lol. The tone in which he talks also makes him sound arrogant. The way he talks isolates democrats and only supports republicans. He referred to the democrats as "them" and the republicans as "us" many times. This only increases political divide, instead of uniting the USA. 
  • Yes, Trump will work with Democrats due to the backlash he is recovering from his own party.
  • Trump will work with Democrats.  The real question is, will Democrats work with Trump.
  • WakeWake 121 Pts
    @Fascism - name one President in your lifetime that didn't lie openly to the citizens of this country.
  • WakeWake 121 Pts
    @CYDdharta - no. And that is why it doesn't matter.
  • FascismFascism 230 Pts
    @Wake Good point. However, it is undeniable that he has insulted democrats in a direct manner, and he also sounds more arrogant (not because of the way his voice sounds, but the way he speaks.). If you look through history the great speakers were the ones who united the people. 
  • The Democrats are not cooperative with Trump and I don’t believe they will work together.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • ArtisticBearArtisticBear 28 Pts
    edited October 31
    I don't think he's even working with the Republicans. Much less with the Democrats, you've probably seen how Democrats see the Republicans today
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