What does your ideal economy look like?

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If you could do anything and have exactly the perfect economy in the system you believe in what would that look like. As a corporatist I look forward to disproving most of these but I welcome nice and clean debate,

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  • A great economy would be a capability economic study rn due to its fairness to all and great pros to it. This way. Different classes could get fair tax rates and salaries.

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  • I would argue that American economy is a good example.  I would opt for less government regulations though.
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    Trade and barter system, possibly a gold and silver standard, in an anarcho/voluntaryist system The American dollar is worth only what the military can back.
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  • FascismFascism 235 Pts
    As a fascist, a mixed economy with corporatism and class divisions. 
  • Capitalism, with small government.
  • Dewaldt said:
    Capitalism, with small government.
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    Whatever works the best for everyone, how about that?
  • A good economy has a small government with no debt.
  • My ideal economy includes high growth and a small government. This would make the country better and also help eliminate the debt while increasing revenue.
  • @SilverishGoldNova Well all economies claim to do that. Try to be a bit more specific.
  • @agsr Our economy is heavily flawed yet we show it as a good example of an economy. People in our economy like it our not are heavily exploited by the rich in our country. I am by no means a socialist but I think the fact that 90% of people control the wealth is a scary statement avoided in politics. I think that our wavering lower class is a clear product of so little such as the 1% owning 90%. Is that really a good economy. I say we bring >some< of that wealth back to the classes that deserve it.
  • @Erfisflat Such little government intervention will result in even cruddier products that don't even have to pretend that they care about the consumer. Our government regulates that food and other products are made well. The anarchist economy is heavily flawed in that it is pure capitalism which is about as horrible as pure communism. Communism takes the economy too far in that it controls every aspect. The trade and barter system is a characteristic of any economy but the money is the trade and the price is the barter. I assume that you mean that basic goods should be traded as a currency but with a silver or gold standard. That's a neat idea but I think it has some major flaws. That would take much longer because you would have to stand at the cashier for much longer making it harder to sell goods not to mention that if there is a silver system why not just make a dollar to represent the supposed cost of this item. The anarchist idea is a Utopian one. I ask why abolish the dollar,a system that has made economies run much smoother and better and allows for a much larger business or company to make much better than it would having to trade objects instead of a cheap piece of paper. Also the U.S dollar is only worth what the economy makes of it. The economy is always the ultimate decision maker in terms of what a dollar is worth and not the military. 
  • An ideal economy would have low taxes and a high GDP, high revenue and no debt.
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