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House of Cards, do you admire Frank Underwood or Claire Underwood at some level

Opening Argument

agsragsr 613 Pts
House of Cards tell a story about Frank and Claire Underwood, a seemingly poor evil couple.  They are willimg to kill in cold blood and turn against anyone to get what they want.  They are completely ruthless, and difficult for anyone to admire or look up to.  On the outside Claire is beautiful, confident, and independent woman, but we saw what she can do to her mother, Tom Yates, etc. Wow.  
Both Frank Underwood and Claire Underwood are represented in the show as total monsters.  
But...there is something about their pragmatism and decisiveness that I can't help to admire.  They are both willing to calculate and leverage seemingly an impossible situation and turn it around, make extremely tough decisions and execute their plans flawlessly. The power of raw ambition is admirable.  While they are both total monsters, there is still something about that I think one can admire.  It is not all black and white, maybe 95% black, 3% gray, and 2% white.
  1. House of Cards, do you admire Frank Underwood or Claire Underwood at some level

    1 vote
    1. Yes (at some level)
    2. No way, pure evil
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